What topics would you like to read more posts on? [Poll]

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The last few months have seen this blog grow well and acquire more readers, subscribers and page views. In doing so, the audience has become more diverse.

I have been pondering over the topics for this blog, and have been unable to decide what topic to give more priority to. In order to help me do so, kindly take this short poll and tell us what you would like to see more of.

These polls require JavaScript, and if you are reading this in your feed reader, please click through to vote. I know that this may be an annoyance in your busy schedule. However, taking a few seconds to vote can really help me tailor the topics of this post to your liking. You can select upto two options on the first poll, and one option in the second poll. Anything else may be voiced in the comments.


Also, I have been thinking about linked posts (made famous by John Gruber). However, would you like to read

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