Nudity in Halo 2 : A publicity stunt

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Halo 2 for PC, the much anticipated sequel of Halo, will be delayed by more than a week, stating reasons of unwanted and unapproved nudity in the game.

The original release date, which was on May 22, has been pushed back to May 31st so that game resellers get ample time to put labels indicating the content in the game. So much for the labelling, many users have already put up blog entries and forum posts stating the nudity in games – which indicates that fans are already getting their hands on the game.
Microsoft had already said that it was part of the development phase, and had passed through to the final version thanks to carelessness. An patch has been posted on the site to update the game and cut out the nudity. However, Microsoft spokesman said that “it’s optional”.

Publicity Stunt?

Which makes me wonder. Is this a publicity stunt solely for boosting the PR of the game? It could very well be. And if it were, Microsoft has pulled it off pretty successfully.
Think of it. Hundreds of people who did not want to purchase the game earlier, would know of it, and would have taken a peak at Halo 2. And there would be the media and blogosphere(yes, I am part of it )
Halo 2 currently carries an M(mature) rating, which could be changed to A(Adults Only) rating if the nude seens are allowed to continue.

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