Meme : My desktop revealed

It was a week back that Shankar tagged me on the MyDesktop meme that has been going around. I promised to take part, so this is the post for it.

Shankar’s desktop was rather un-inspiring, but atleast not the now omni-present Vista Emulation pack(which I am sick of). However, most people do not take the effort to jazz up their desktop. Well, I am not one of them!

Here’s my desktop(click for a larger image):

Who said desktops should always be XP-esque?

I am supposed to tag 5 people, but seeing how most of my friends are already in, I am making this an open tag(buzz me your post through comments, and I’ll link your post here).

So how is my desktop? Rate it through comments. Would you like to make your Windows XP desktop like this? Just ask(through comments) 

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