Modify Google logo with My Own Google Logo Text Greasemonkey script

Firefox is the world’s best browser, and Greasemonkey is one of the best extensions for it. What good is an add-on without any addition of fun? And of course, the big G, Google is the search engine we love ( though it maybe becoming the next Technorati). I personally like the Google logo, and if there were no lawyers from Googleplex coming after everyone trying to steal their trademark stuff, I would use the logo for this site. And I hear Google’s got a team of fierce lawyers
At the very least, we can all play up with the logo. So, let us use Photoshop, right? Its an obvious choice, but it is overkill and requires some effort. There’s a custom script to do the dirty work for you. All you have to do, is double-click on any Google logo, and enter the text and text-colour of your choice. And once you modify it, the changes are retained.

This is a fun script. However, I have one grudge – the modified image cannot be saved, or rather, only in bits and pieces. It seems that each character is a separate image, meaning that you will have to save each image and merge them ( for once, I don’t mind using Photoshop  ).

Download : My Own Google Logo Greasemonkey script

Here’s a Googlified logo of TechZilo. Enjoy!

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