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Last weekend, I had bought a new hosting account, and moved away from my old free account, to it. Due to some nameserver glitches, it took 28+ hours, and I was not at home then. So, the posts were not uploaded, and the site remained blank, and the condition of RSS feeds was no different. I just want to apologize for the interruption. Everything has been restored, and we have a new theme now. Click through to see
On a positive note, I have launched two new blogs. First up is (grab the RSS). I got a killer domain, and now need to put in some work. The blog will feature regular posts about soccer, mostly news and analysis. If you are a soccer fan, head that way! The next one is, my personal blog. The domain was formed so: SUMesh PRemraj, from my name. Flickr style, yeah. If you want to read what my life is all about, head there. Do not expect regular updates, so you would be better off subscribing to RSS.

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