iPod bins at Microsoft’s Zune production team campus

Bins for disposing iPods have been placed at Microsoft’s Zune production campus. And there are actually a few disposed iPods in that bin!
This has to be a joke. Or else, it is a twisted and sick Microsoft that we are seeing(as if they were not, already). Really. However, ‘t was but with a twist
A self-claimed employee of MSNBC, the joint-venture media website between Microsoft and NBC, has posted image of the near-comic bin And the photo itself contains the biggest clue to the joke – only a handful of iPods, of older generations, lie in that pitiful, pious bin.

Some furious iPod fans said that “only someone foolish enough to buy a Zune would dispose of iPod rather than sell it on eBay”. Wow, strong words! There were plenty of such comments.

After all, how many full-blooded iPod fans would actually tolerate such offensive joking bullshit? Not me, not me.

But I am trying to see the lighter side of it – only a few iPods were disposed, and those were only older models.

Some industry experts said that it was probably there to boost the morale of employees. It better be  They also say that it is not wise to isolate yourself(or the employees, in this case) from competing devices. They would be better off using competing devices so that they can nail down their weaknesses.

I wonder what Steve Jobs has to say about that 

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