“Insert SIM” error in Nokia N95 even when SIM is inserted

My trusty and much-abused Nokia N95 has been giving an “Insert SIM” error when switching on, even when it has a SIM inside.

Here are a few things I tried, and what worked for me. Be sure to try each of these, because what worked for me may not necessarily work for you.

  1. Try changing the SIM card to see if it fixed the error (it did not, for me).
  2. If changing SIM does not work, try cleaning the SIM card to see if its gold contact contains dirt and is causing problems.
  3. The SIM holding apparatus might be damaged due to repeated falls or usage. Try cutting a piece of paper in the shape of the SIM card, and keep it on top of the SIM (and then close the steel holder). This trick worked for me.
  4. If the Insert SIM error does not occur with a new SIM, the problem could be caused by your SIM. Try cleaning the SIM, and if still not fixed, contact your network operator for a duplicate SIM card. Most operators provide duplicate SIMs for a minor cost.

If you had this Insert SIM card issue on your phone, and fixed it with some other trick, leave a comment to let others know. I will also update this article if there are more suggestions.

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