Import bookmarks from Firefox to Safari

Firefox might be among the most feature-rich browsers around, but for many, speed is more important. I switched to Chrome some time ago, and haven’t looked back since.

If you are looking to make a switch away from the ‘Fox to Safari, read on for two easy methods to import your bookmarks from Firefox to Safari.

If you already use Mac OS, skip to #2 for easier method and syncing.

1. Firefox Library Export HTML

Use Firefox bookmarks export tool (click Bookmarks in menu > Organize Bookmarks > Import & Backup > Export HTML. Select a location for the .html file.

Now, open Safari, click File > Import Bookmarks. Locate the .html file and they will be imported.

Note: The bookmarks are in a single folder, you need to drag all of them outside the folder (unless you want them in a subfolder).

2. Xmarks bookmark sync addon

Install Xmarks first in Firefox, let bookmarks sync, then install in Safari and “overwrite everything on this computer” when asked for it.

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