Gimme a better iPhone: Ideas for a better iPhone

Apple iPhone is arguably the best gadget of the year. From Apple’s point of view, a lot of things, including the company’s reputation and financial status depended on iPhone’s performance in a segment that Apple had never entered before – mobile phones.

iPhone was Apple’s biggest product launch for the past few years. Judging by the numbers who waited in queues in front of Apple stores across the globe, iPhone’s launch eclipsed the launches of the original iPod, iMacs and probably Leopard.

I am a fan of iPhone, but do not own one(yet). There are too many woes on this otherwise beautiful device for my liking. And going by Apple’s motto of quick product refreshes (think iPod), I do not want to see myself purchasing an iPhone and getting screwed up by an update in a few months.

I do believe that Apple will address these issues soon, and would have a new model within no time. I am waiting to sell off my iPod Video aka iPod Classic and buy an iPhone when that happens 

I am not an owner of iPhone, because of the following reasons:

  • Camera: The camera on it is a puny 2 MegaPixel, which is less than what mid-range phones of today offer (Nokia N73, SE K790i). I value convergence, and would rather have one phone with excellent camera rather than an iPhone and a standalone camera.
  • Strength: Being a device of excellent engineering and high-end hardware, iPhone needs more strength in its outer shell to prevent any possible drops/falls. Of course, it does not have to withstand stress tests, but more is always better.
  • More native apps: True to what I said earlier, Apple is already addressing this issue. Steve Jobs has hinted at support for native apps soon.
  • Better battery life: Battery life is a big woe for any modern mobile phone, and iPhone is no different. Apple did a good job of improving iPod’s battery life in successive generations, and it shouldn’t be hard to do the same for future iPhone revisions.
  • More disk space: iPhone’s current storage levels are sufficient for normal usage, but multimedia content (images, videos) need more space, and Apple would be wiser to improve the storage space.
  • Smaller size: Currently, the size of iPhone is a bit large for comfort. Apple should work on the length and width.
  • Scratch-proof screen: As with all screens, scratches are a problem. iPhone has a better screen than most others, but if iPhone has something similar to the iPod’s screen protection piece (fibre), the screen would be saved.
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