Download Facebook videos to your computer

Facebook is becoming the number one choice for sharing photos and videos online. I have already written on downloading Facebook photos. This article shows you ways to download Facebook videos to your computer.

There are several sites, browser addons and full-fledged software that can download Facebook videos for you.

Site to download FB videos

DownFacebook is a website specifically for the purpose. Similar to Kiss YouTube, you can download a video by visiting its page, and changing the ‘’ part of URL to You can also enter the URL into the site to begin downloading.

The advantage of it is that no software install is required on the user’s computer.

Firefox/Chrome extensions to download videos

Firefox addon Facebook Videos lets you download videos too. It also gives a link to get the video converted (on, should you desire so.

It was originally available as, and continues to be available as, a Greasemonkey userscript (click here to learn more about userscripts). This means that Google Chrome users can also use it.

Desktop software

Internet Download manager, Orbit Downloader and SpeedBit Video Downloader all show you links to download Facebook videos when you view them.

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