Stop friends from tagging you on Facebook Places

Facebook launched the Places feature, and as is now common with Facebook, the default privacy settings are not exactly enticing. Your friends can tag you when they check in to a location.

Why not

While this might sound like a great feature, this has two problems – you depend on your friends being totally honest (what if they play a prank?), and you might be busted if you are somewhere you should not be at (eg. leisure while you are supposed to run an errand). We know cases of employees being fired for Facebook/Twitter status updates, Places tagging can take it to a whole new level.

So, here is the quick guide to disable your friends from tagging you on Facebook Places when they check in:
Click the Account link on top right corner, then account settings. Click Customize settings.

In the options that come up, scroll down to “Things others share”, then change “Friends can check me in to Places” to Disabled.

So, what will you do with this tagging feature? Are you concerned, and will disable it, or do you think it is a feature worth the risks?

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