Hard-reset Samsung Omnia for factory/default setting

Messing with phone settings and configuration can sometimes cause problems, or even make your device outright unusable. In such cases, going back to default settings(also called factory setting) by performing a hard reset might be the only option.

A hard reset is also a compromise between a firmware flash and having to suffer existing troubles, and is generally much easier than firmware flashing.

This article is geared towards those looking to prerform a hard-reset on a Samsung Omnia phone. Note that evoking factory state on a device will wipe all your personal data and configuration on the phone, so you should backup everything you need (to restore after reverting to default settings).

  1. Go to Start > Settings, and under System tab, click Hard Reset and later “Clear all data”. You will be asked to enter a device lock code. The default code is 1234, unless you have changed it. Those of you who changed it can try the next option.
  2. In Phone mode, dial *2767*3855# for a restore to factory state.

Be careful while performing a reset, and use it only as a last resort (or more precisely, second-last, the last being a firmware flashing).

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