Darren Rowse and BlogBloke reunite

Round 3: Its Darren Rowse in green shorts and BlogBloke in red shorts. The referee calls the bell, and the round begins. Wait, what’s this? They’re shaking hands, hugging each other, wishing each other. The referee is talking to them both. After a lengthy discussion, the referee calls off the match. Its a tie. BlogBloke and Darren Rowse are joint-winners.

Background : In Round 1 and 1, BlogBloke and Darren Rowse fought valiently, defending their territories. They couldn’t decide a winner, and left with a bad taste in both rounds. Come Round 3, and things change.

The Scene

Darren Rowse is one of the most respected bloggers. He blogs on Problogger about Blogging. He is the problogger, as many say. He is known for his factual and practical writing, and has many great posts.

BlogBloke is another veteran blogger, having been around for ages. He is pretty much the do-all, having been a professional in more fields than you can count with your fingers. He covers a broader range of topics, but his flagship content, is without doubt the Blogging tips. He was one of the earliest to make RSS feeds (by hand, not automated, mind you).

Collision of behemoths

So what happens when these two behemoths of the blogosphere collide? Well, things happen. As they happened in the comment section of this post. All hell broke loose.

My reaction

Seeing the jeopardy, I commented about their rivalry, or “lamented”, as BlogBloke called it. BlogBloke was down with sickness, and when Darren offered a helping hand to guest-blog, peace was restored.

I am obviously very happy, seeing how my comment invoked thinking from Bloke’s part ( and perhaps from Darren, too).

I can’t wait to see how BlogBloke would come back and co-operate with Darren.

Darren has written a guest-post on BlogBloke already. It is relevant to me too. Back in May, I had been posting at an average of 1 post per day. Those were mostly news-related posts, and did not evoke any comments. I reflected on my situation then, and decided to change my style to few posts of relatively better quality. The response has been good, with an average of 10 comments per post since. This is low for many of your blogs, but I was satisfied because I had no comments until then. Feed subscribers, page views and unique hits have also increased. SERPs rankings have benefitted greatly from this decision, as quality posts mean less duplicate content, and hence better rankings.

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