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Technology is a fascinating world for many, bewildering for some, and frightening for some. I remember my first step into this wild world back in 1999, as a 7-year old computer-toting kid, which amazed most people (though it is commonplace now). I progressed from learning new things by messing up with my father’s and grandfather’s desktops to registry hacking and tech blogging.

Looking back, I do believe that the path would have been a lot easier if some friend/relative of mine was tech-inclined. A junior student (by two years) in the school I study in already knows PHP and webdesign, two skills that I am proud of and envy. His dad is a programmer, so you know where he is honing his skills. I had no such luxury. Two years back, I was still spending my time drooling over gadgets.

Thus, it is with great anticipation that I start this Q&A series on this blog, which attempts to answer interesting questions from the readers of this blog. The topic can be anything that I know and write on this blog. That is a wide range of topics – anything about blogging, WordPress, computer hardware/software, gadgets and web 2.0 services.

The series will cover one question per post, and the frequency depends on the number of queries I receive. Write in with a name, contact email and site URL. You can contact me via the contact page or by leaving a comment here on any post. Anonymous questions will not be entertained.

I have seen similar Q&A series on two blogs I admire a lot – Daily Blog Tips and Shoemoney. So you know where the inspiration comes from!

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