Upload multiple videos on Youtube simultaneously

YouTube is the most popular video sharing website. It has a clean interface and millions of videos uploaded by users.

However, if you are a video publisher, you might have felt the need to upload multiple videos. The web interface to upload videos to YouTube is great for publishing the occasional single file, which is what YouTube is targeted for. However, YouTube doesn’t have a batch uploader like those on Flickr, Photobucket etc. for videos even after years of existence.

The solution is to use any free third party software to upload videos.

YouTube Movie Maker and RealZube’s YouTube Uploader are two software you can use to upload a bunch of videos simultaneously.

Both are free, and work well. YouTube Movie Maker has features to mash together audio and video, convert videos to the right format etc. in addition to uploading multiple videos. If you are looking for only an uploader, get RealZube Uploader – its installer is only 15 MB in size. YouTube Movie Maker’s is 30 MB in size and has more features.

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