Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

Both Arduino and IoT are two mechanics that have made their mark firmly in the field of technology.

If you combine the power of these two super technologies, several types of brilliant projects can arise out of the collaboration.

Intriguing, isn’t it?

Well, before moving on with the kinds of projects that can be done with IoT and Arduino, let’s get clear on,

What is IoT?

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

IoT or the Internet of Things is referred to all physical instruments that are connected through the Internet. They are capable of sharing and collecting data. Now, it is possible to convert everything, starting from an airplane to driving a car, into part of the Intern of Things entity.

The loT adds a level smartness and digital intelligence to the devices. As a result, they are able to perform real-time data communication without assistance from human beings. To be precise, IoT merges the physical world with the digital one.

In today’s technologically advanced world, everyone seems to know and keep interested in the Internet of Things that lead to an interest question,

How Vast is the Internet of Things?

Well, truth to be told, the Internet of Things is significant, and it keeps getting bigger with each passing day. According to surveys, there are more connected instruments in the world compared to human beings. Studies from Analyst Gartner, approximately 8.4 billion IoT devices were used in the year 2017, which is almost a rise of 31 per cent from the previous year of 2016.

Therefore, it’s not hard to understand the magnitude of IoT and its applications.

Why is IoT Useful for Businesses?

The usefulness of the Internet of Things depends on a business on the kind of implementation has taken place.

But one of the most crucial importance of IoT in business is that organizations can now have had access to innumerable data that will give them an idea of their own item and internal system.

How is IoT Beneficial for Consumers?

One of the most significant benefits of using the Internet of Things from a consumer point of view is that it makes the living environment smarter and better. With the Internet of Things, it is now possible to live in smart with cool gadgets like Amazon’s Echo and the Google Home.

Upon looking beyond smart homes, the Internet of Things has made it possible to have a better understanding of how polluted the living environment can be through the implementation of sensors. This way, protective and preventive methods can be taken.

So, from all these points, as mentioned above, one can easily understand the importance of IoT and why it is a crucial topic among everyone. Due to its popularity, engineering personnel and college graduates from technical field want to take up projects that are related to the Internet of Things.

For all these IoT project aspirants, a small point is to be remembered,

The IoT project can turn into a whole new Amazon level if the technology of Arduino is brought into the picture.

To make it all clear, first, let’s start with,

What Do You Mean by Arduino?

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

To describe it briefly, Arduino in a platform that centralizes around microcontroller devices, which results in a lot more comfortable of performing embedded programming. Due to the fact that Arduino is easy-to-use and straightforward, the field of embedded programming and system is much less prone to barriers of entry that what is used to be.

The platform of Arduino so generally composed with the following components:

  • The Device Bootloader
  • Integrated Development Environment that works in Linux, Mac, and Windows
  • C or C++ framework for ARM, AVR and more. It is based on Wiring.

The software framework required to program Arduino is not strict C or C++, and to be honest, the level of strictness depends on the user. However, one can make use of a simple version. It is helpful in removing a significant part of the boilerplate code to assist in keeping a simple form of development.

The Device Bootloader is nothing but a program that is available in a pre-programmed state on the Arduino microcontrollers. It helps in loading the code on startup from memory.

The IDE is a desktop application. It is utilized to write, load and compile code for the Arduino.

After acquiring knowledge on what is Arduino, let’s keep reading to find more on the usefulness of Arduino.

What Are the Benefits of Using Arduino?

  • Arduino is Easy to Learn

As it has been even stated earlier, one of the most significant uses of Arudino is that it is effective in decreasing the level of barrier to entry inside the programming embedded electronics. With Arduino, it is possible to have access to open-source tools.

As a result, it is possible to write applications that are meaningful in minutes instead of days or hours. As the learning curve is not that tough, people are actually interested in getting associated with Arduino and learn more. Due to all these reasons, the industry is expanding.

When the Arduino framework was created, the artists, designers, and electronics personnel were kept in mind so that they can share and develop new ideas. And because of this reason, Arduino has opened a full world of interactive art and projects.

  • Arduino is open-source

One of the most significant advantages of using Arduino is that it is open-source. It has allowed millions of users to get involved in the world of embedded electronics. The live example is – the rose of several open-source code or projects sites like that of Github.

Apart from the open-source code, the hardware of Arduino is also high.

  • Arduino is Cheap

One of the most significant reasons for the rise in popularity of Arduino is that it is quite cheap. To be honest, it is even possible to locate an Arduino board over the Internet at a reasonable price.

When compared to paying for microcontrollers and microprocessors evaluation boards, the amount of Arduino boards is nothing. Due to this reason, many electronics and technology enthusiasts have found good use of Arduino in developing IoT projects.

Furthermore, for gaining a clear perspective, let’s check out some of the prominent projects accomplished with Arduino.

1. The MultiWii Drones

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

The MultiWii drones are nothing but custom made Arduino boards that used for controlling drones. These MultiWii drones are capable of proper RC planes, cars and even from tri-copters to hexacopters.

The microcontrollers interfaces, which are powered by Arduino, are equipped with gyros, accelerometers, GPS, barometers, and so on. Due to all these sensors, it receives data from a transmitter that helps in making adjustments mid-flight.

2. ArduSat Satellite

Around the Mother Earth, this satellite is orbiting which is actually Arduino based. Fascinating, isn’t it? This satellite contains a series of sensors due to performing several experiments.

3. Arduino Laser Harp

This is an excellent example of Arduino / Wiring creation for the designers and artists. This is a combination of audio and visual effects. It would have been challenging to create such a sensation with the help of the microcontrollers.

How to Use Arduino?

So far, it has been mentioned several times that using Arduino is easy and cheap. But how exactly can one make or Arduino? To provide guidance in this manner,

Here is the method of print “Hello World” using Arduino Uno.

  1. First and foremost, one will require to install the IDE. After the installation is complete, all you need to do is open it and select the New Button. It will start a new project, and one will be able to see two functions, loop () and setup (). It is the one and only boilerplate code that needs to be sketched.

Moving on,

  1. LED will turn on for a half-second, and it needs to turn off for a half-second. This process needs to repeat a few times.
  2. Now, to verify the code before uploading it to the board, the first one will have to inform the IDE what type of Arduino Board is being used. After setting the IDE board configuration to Uno, since in this example an Arduino Uno is being used, the IDE will know to compile and configure the board.
  3. Lastly, after verification of the code, it is time to upload it to the board. For that, it is essential to connect the Arduino Board with the computer through a USB cable.

When the uploading is successfully completed, one will be able to see the results as the LED light will keep blinking on and off each second.

So far, good? Well, keep reading since it gets more interest.

Well, there has been a use of the term “Arduino Board” on multiple occasions. Therefore, to gain a better perspective, let’s learn some insights on,

What are the Arduino Boards?

The Arduino Boards were invented by keeping in mind those students who don’t belong from programming or electronics backgrounds. The invention of these Arduino Birds made it possible to create products for the Internet of Things application, wearable, three-dimension printing and embedded surroundings.

To define it precisely and briefly,

Arduino Boards are an open-source platform that is utilized to make electronics projects often using the Internet of Things. These boards are made of a microcontroller. Also, they are parts of the IDE or software that runs in the computer of the user. It is utilized to write codes and upload this computer code to the physical board itself.

The Arduino platform has become quite well-known among students and designer. Often, Arduino is found to be used for developing IoT projects.

Another great advantage of Arduino Board is, unlike most circuit and programmable boards, these Arudino Boards don’t require a separate hardware part in order for programming new codes. In addition to this, the Arduino IDE makes use of a simpler version of C++ and also it provides a typical type of factor which helps on breaking out the microcontroller functionalities into a better package that is readily available.

Now, the question that might arise is,

Why are Arduino Boards So important?

One of the ideas of creating Arduino Boards is to help in developing various applications and different kinds of engineering projects. The most significant aspect of Arduino is that it is easy to use, which is excellent for beginners and also it provides enough flexibility to please advanced level users.

  1. The Arduino technology makes it is possible to work with microcontrollers quickly and simply. The Arduino Board has these below-mentioned advantages,
  2. It is inexpensive
  3. Arduino Board is cross-platform in nature
  4. It is applicable in a simple and clear programming environment
  5. Arduino provides open sources and extensible software
  6. It also offers open-source and extensible hardware

Various types of Arduino Boards

There are six kinds of Arduino Boards on addition with the Arduino Shields. All these are described below:

1. The Arduino Uno

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

For the initial stage of utilizing Arduino, it is beneficial to make use of Uno. The most significant feature of the Uno board is that it has got a 14 digital input and output pins. Among the 14 digital pins, six can be utilized as pulse width modulation outputs, another six for analogue inputs, and so on.

The Arduino Uno board has everything to hold up the microcontroller. All that needed to be done is, attach the Arduino Uno board into the PC through a USB cable and start it via an Alternate or Direct battery or adapter.

2. The LilyPad Arduino Board

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

It is a kind of Arduino Board that is associated with wearable e-textile technology that is expanded with the help of Leah Buechley. It is considered to be designed by Leah and SparkFun.

Every board of this kind are explicitly designed with giant connecting pad and a smooth back. This allows for sewing it quickly into a piece of clothing with the help of conductive thread.

The LilyPad Arduino Board consist of input and output options, sensor boards and power. These sensors boards are built for e-textiles, especially. And the best part is, they are washable!

3. The RedBoard Arduino Board

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

This kind of Arduino board can be easily programmed by utilizing a Mini B USB via the help of Arduino IDE. The RedBoard Arduino Board can be used in a Windows environment without the need or changing the security settings.

Due to the present of FTDI chip or USB, this board is more constant, and it is entirely flat on the back.

4. The Arduino Mega Board

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

This sort of Arduino Board is similar to that of the Arduino Uno board. It has got an inclusion of several input and output pins, analogue inputs, a power jack, a reset button and a USB connection. Also, it has got all the essential things that are necessary to hold up the microcontroller.

5. Arduino Leonardo Board

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

The Arduino Leonardo Board is the first instalment in the development of Arduino boards and consists of a USB connection along with a microcontroller.


6. Arduino Shields

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

In addition to all the kinds of Arduino boards, the Arduino Shields are the pre-built circuit boards. They are utilized to connect to several Arduino Boards. It provides addition functionalities link relating to the motor controlling, Internet and establishing a wireless communication, etc.

Now, let’s move on with the,

What Are the Applications of Arduino Technology?

Arduino Technology finds its application in:

1. The obstacles of Avoidance Robot that is operated with Arduino

One of the main concepts of this brilliant project is to design robots by utilizing sensors. In this way, it will be possible it avoids the obstacle.

2. Controlling the Electrical Appliances based on Arduino by IR

The process of managing electrical appliances with the help of an IR remote is the main object of the project. It is rightfully carried out with the TV remote for transmitting the data in coded form.

3. Home Automation that is Arduino Based

The objective of the project is to create a home automation system by blue utilizing Arduino board added with a Bluetooth. It is controlled by an Android-based smartphone remotely.

4. Using Arduino Board to recognize Underground Cable Fault

Yes, it is true. Arduino Technology helps in finding faults in underground cable precisely.

All these great and again applications of Arduino Technology have made it a popular choice for being utilized in Internet of Things based projects.

Let’s find out how and the types of projects that can be done.

What Do You Mean by Arduino in IoT?

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

The main work of the Arduino is to act as the system’s brain. It also helps to process the data that is generated from the sensors. One of the main reasons for using Arduino for the building an IoT project is because it is cheap, an open-source hardware platform which can pretty easy to access.

Arduino is equipped with ATMEGA microcontroller, which helps in processing the data. Also, it helps in facilitating the apt working condition of the IoT system. In addition to all these, another excellent reason for using Arduino for IoT projects is that it can be programmed as many time as possible, permitting to build several Internet of Things projects.

Top 7 IoT project ideas with Arduino

1. IoT pollution Dashboard and Sensor using Arduino

By utilizing an Arduino Board, it is possible to create a pollution sensor, which can be used to keep peace of mind and check pollution of local areas. After reviewing the data, one can track it and submit it online.

For creating this project, the requirements are quite simple. Sensors of gas and other atmospheric pollutants are needed.

2. The Creation of Spirit Level and Range Measurer

By doing this project, one will get the benefit of two objectives. One is to use ultrasonic sensors to measure distances that are up to four meters also act a spirit level. Although it might not be an easy project, it shows the versatility of Arduino.

3. The Touchscreen Geiger Counter

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

It is really astonishing to learn that Arduino can be utilized to create a Geiger that too, without too much problem.

4. The Text to Speech Converter

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

The Text to Speech converter is one of the most brilliant applications of IoT and such project can be quickly developed with the help of Arduino technology. The project consists of specific easy steps, including the process of converting numbers and symbols into words that are readable by machines.

5. The Idea of Smart Dustbin

In today’s technologically advanced world, everything is turning to smart devices, so why not dustbins? Yes, it’s absolutely possible to make smart dustbin through a combination of IoT and Arduino Technology.

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

The Arduino helps in keeping track of the time when the dustbins need to be emptied. Another excellent feature of these smart dustbins is that they will open automatically by detecting a hand clap or a tap of the foot. It has been possible all because of the Arduino technology.

6. Developing a Smart thermostat

Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects
Arduino Technology in Transforming IoT Projects

Again by combining IoT with Arduino technology, it is possible to create smart thermostats like the Nest. This project, apart from a certain level of coding, will require a push-button, temperature sensor, and some other types of hardware pieces.

7. An Automatic Pet Feeder

With the assistance of the Arduino Uno board, a Wi-Fi module, some parts of hardware, and a speaker, it is possible to make an automatic pet feeder. This project uses a sensor that is infrared PIR in nature and will let the owner know when the bowl is empty and then he can fill it automatically.

Final Words

From all these points mentioned above, it is pretty clear that both IoT and Arduino technologies are beneficial. When these two are combined, some fantastic projects can be created like the automatic pet feeder or smart dustbins. So, it is advisable to make use of both the IoT and Arduino technology effectively to come up with brilliant project ideas.

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