Fullonsms.com: Send free messages to mobile phones in India


FullonSMS is a website that allows you to send full 160 character, free SMS to mobile phones in India. You have to register with your mobile phone number to start sending messages.

You can send messages to any phone in India. You may have already used many other SMS services. Unfortunately, such sites restrict your message to 140 characters and insert an ad at the end of each message, in addition to ads-only messages at other times. You cannot really blame such sites since that is their only possible way of monetizing effectively. What distinguishes Full On SMS is that it does not insert any advertisements or links into messages that you send.

Send free full SMS messages to India

Users in India benefit from free SMS messages which would otherwise be charged per SMS or on an offer of bulk SMS for which you have to pay a fixed rate up front. Also, users with friends/relatives in India can send them free SMS by simply logging onto FullonSMS – no more sending international SMS, and with the ease of use which is unmatched by email.


You can add contacts to the site for ease of use, and you can also create groups of contacts to be messaged at once. This is very useful for group SMS that is so typical of regular short messaging users.

Visit Full on SMS

How to register / signup at FullonSMS

  1. Visit FullonSMS.com
  2. Enter your mobile number, email address and other necessary details and hit “Create my free account”.

FullOnSMS.com login page

I noticed that lots of visitors are searching for the Full on SMS login page. You can sign in to Fullon SMS website at fullonsms.com/login.php or with the log in form on top right of the home page.


  1. I have sent message to my frnds on dussera but they d’nt deliverd, so tell me how we have to send mgs to frnds?

  2. fullonsms is slow in sending messages and cannot trust it as messages which i send reach after bout 3-4 hours

  3. What distinguishes Full On SMS is that it does not insert any advertisements or links into messages that you send.
    but since morning an ad is getting attached with each sms

  4. I have created new account in fullonsms yesterday bt i din’t got my password yet on my mobile,if possible please send my password on my yahoo ID .Hopeing possitive responce from your side.Thanks

  5. Please tell me that by mistake I’ve clicked on google chrome now I’m facing the problems too much. I’m not getting the connection of different channels on the time. Also since this morning I’m not getting the proper result also. All my sms are going very late. Please tell me that how can I come out of this trouble? Also I’m worrying that google chrome people will get extra money from me. May God save me? In Jesus name amen.

  6. hi. I have logged out from Fullon SMS.com in successfully but the connection was timed out shown. What is the Problem?

  7. Why dont you try Ad Free Sms service and that is Smsze.com ,320 Char No Ads at all

  8. i used this service since last year,but last 7/8 days when i send group sms it shows a error message and messages not delivered.please solve my problem……………

  9. Why don’t you put procedure for signing/registration for fullonsms.com as most of the questions are all about how to register on this site to get free sms.

    It will be highly appreciated if you can put it on the page so that people can easily register for the free sms.

    Thanks a bunch and with warm regards,
    Suresh Khaire

  10. hi i am dhanraj ,, as you not able to register here ,, firstly search google then type fullonsms.com then scroll your window ,, and you will get login option ,, then click login option further open a new page and you can register ,,

  11. today there is huge problem to send sms through fullonsms and the highspeed internet connection could not send the sms as it is hanging minute by minute when we tries to send the sms.

  12. Dear sir,
    i want to send free sms on diferent user mobile(but not pay charge on both side receiver and sender)this facility available or not send me recently.

  13. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have opened this site fullonsms. But last few days I coudn’t open it. I tried to open it. But I don’t no I haven’t open my site . Can you help me to open my site.


  14. I would like to join in fullonsms.com.
    But i don’t know How ti register….

  15. I want to join fullon for send free SMS and meet my friends

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