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Photoshop is the most popular graphics editing program. Produced by Adobe, the latest version is Photoshop CS4, part of the Creative Suite. With hundreds of plugins, brushes and gradient packs, Photoshop is increasing in utility every day.

Though weighing in at a hefty price (over $600), Photoshop is powerful even in a vanilla install. However, as in any other application, its true essence lies in installing useful addons to enhance the functionality. Photoshop brushes are plentiful, with hundreds of sites and thousands of artists providing their artwork as brushes, or making brushes directly. The functionality of brushes are plentiful.

We collect beautiful Photoshop brushes, so that you do not spend any time searching for them. Instead, you can utilize that time to create beautiful effects. If you do not know how to install Photoshop brushes, see our easy guide “Installing Photoshop brushes“.

Below, you will find screenshots followed by links to the corresponding brushes (most are compatible with CS, CS2, CS3 and CS4). Enjoy!


If you are not an expert Photoshop user, check out the Learn Photoshop ebook.

Free brush collections

Winter Brushes

Swirls 2 brush
Swirls 2

Starlight Photoshop brushes

Pixie Dust Photoshop brush
Pixie Dust

ZIA Smooth Abstract


Doom Abstract

Suddenly Spring

GVL Vine Brushes

Vector Brushes

Vector Line 2

Winter Breeze

Grass Brushes 2


Dragon Tattoos

Light Brushes


Feathery Wings

Grunge 4

Assorted Brushes Pack

Fractal Nebula

Vector Arrows

Abstract Brushnet

Tribal Brush 4

Lightning Set 3

Huge Fractals

Real Brushes

Smoke 2

Metal CX: Fractal Symphony

Spray Paint

Moon, Star Sparkle

Paper Brushes

Arcane Runes

Large Polaroids

Swirl and Seeds

Note Paper


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  1. Hey! I know how =) here is a link

    It helped me A LOT! I hope it helps you! =)

    or, if you cant figure out how to actually download them, at the side of the webpage the link beneith each brush (the name of the brush) which will take you to a website called Deviant ART

    at the side, the right side, you will see a download button! =)

  2. click on the brushes names which is given below each of the photos and download it. Then extract all of zip folders and copy brushes. Paste it in your photoshop brushes. Enjoy. If you have any problem pls contact on my mail.

  3. If you want to download Photoshop CS2, CS3, CS4 or CS5 use its torrent files and download full software. If you have any problem pls contact on my email. Thanks.

  4. first you download Winrar from this link “ winrar_32/” and extract zip folders anywhere in your pc. After copy all brushes which is in “.abr” extension, paste it in photoshop brushes folders. Thanks.

  5. Select on brushes names which is given below of each brushes photos then download it anywhere in your pc. Copy them and paste it in your c:/ program files/ adobe/ photoshop/ presets/ brushes folder. Enjoy.

  6. If you have window xp, download photoshop brushes and anywhere in your pc and copy all brusheh then open c:/ program files / adobe / photoshop 7.0,cs2.cs3 or cs4/ preset/ brushes folder, paste it in. Now open your Photoshop and enjoy but many brushes does not work in photoshop 7.0.

  7. 1) Download Brushes.
    2) If brushes are in zip folder, extract them then copy all brushes.
    3) Go to c:/ program files/ adobe/ adobe photoshop 7.0 or cs2 or cs3 or cs4 or cs5/ preset/ brushes.
    4) paste it in brushes folder.

    If you have any problem pls contact me on “”

  8. weiii,,
    do you knoww how to download
    photoshop brushes ~
    i can’t find ~
    help meeeeee~

  9. very much thanks to u. its really helpful to me to design web sites attractively

  10. I need download information please, is there a package I can download with everything in it?

  11. i hv cs3 extended and hv limited brush
    i want to more brush
    can u give informatin abt site having more brush

  12. hey i have CS3 but i dont know how to download these files and unzip them all that ? cud u help me please ? Hannah

  13. How do I download these brushes? I would really like to use them. I have tried to download but it keeps saying I can’t open them. Thanks!

  14. Thanks for putting together this list. I keep finding that the more brushes I think I have – the more I find to download!

  15. I’d like to know how to download these brushes too, could you kindly send me the details as well? Thanks very much =)

  16. @Karthick: I personally use many of these brushes even now, and I can vouch for them working on CS3.

    @Nina: I’ve mailed you with details on how to install PS brushes.

  17. This stuff is absolutely amazing. But how can I download it, so I can use it. I’m so confused about all that. Please email me back soon!

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