Review and screenshots: Google Chrome


Google Chrome is a web browser project by Google. It was leaked yesterday, and Google held a press conference to announce the launch of Chrome. With Chrome, Google hopes to bring the best of various browsers and code, like Firefox and WebKit (WebKit is used by Safari too).

Google may well have been forced into a damage control mode, as the first bit of news that we knew was Chrome’s information being leaked. Furthermore, Linux and Mac versions have not been launched – that leaves a large number of Google fans displeased.

First impressions

Chrome is smooth, well refined (as of limited usage I have done) and manages the migration process flawlessly by importing every bit of important data from IE or Firefox. The innovative placement of tab bar, lack of title bar (that’s right, no title bar for Chrome), omnibar (that is what Google calls Chrome’s search-cum-address bar) are all a fresh breath of life in an otherwise plain browser. Did I tell you Chrome follows Firefox shortcuts (mostly)?

I had upgraded to WordPress 2.6 today (late, I know), and clicking on the Turbo link did not prompt me for any annoying Gears installer – Gears is built into Chrome.


Currently, there are no extension capabilities to rival those offered by Firefox, and that is one reason why Firefox users will not hurry to Chrome full time. Notice that I say “full-time”, because Chrome makes a very compelling case as a casual browser – lack of extensions notwithstanding.

If Google’s promises of fast Javascript rendering, security, extensions etc. is delivered, Opera, Firefox and several other browsers could have one very interesting competitor to deal with. None of the other browsers have the backing of a company as large as Google (Microsoft and Apple do not count, as one suffers from lack of quality and the other suffers from lack of quantity). Whether Chrome and Firefox would coexist in Google’s future plans also has to be seen.

API support is coming, says Google. APIs will enable developers to write extensions, though the effectiveness of future extensions will have to be seen to be believed. We do have the example of Opera widgets failing completely, now don’t we?

Google Chrome: Screenshots

The installer file downloaded from Google Chrome website is only ~500 KB in size, but launching it downloads the actual Chrome installer (~7MB) from Google servers.
Google Chrome

Importing settings is very straightforward, and reminds the import process of Firefox.
Google Chrome

Starting up the browser gives you a page like this:
Google Chrome

And here I am, writing about Google Chrome (this post) from within Chrome.
Google Chrome

How has your experience of Google Chrome been? Will you switch to it as a default browser, or will you use it only partially (for casual browsing)?


  1. It seems like a lot of people commenting (and hating) on Chrome are more advanced and older browser users, so as a high school student, I am going to add a new perspective on the debate. A lot of my friends tend to use Chrome because of its simplicity and wonderful design, especially with the themes that just really enhance the whole experience. No one my age is looking for a browser with all these fancy add-ons or whatever they are (I’m sorry, I’m not a Firefox user at all so I don’t have an appreciation for what it offers). For our purposes, which simply include browsing the internet simply, quickly, and in style, I think it does a great job.

  2. I don’t like Google Chrome. For me, it is extremely slow and every time I use it for what, a half hour, it freezes and auto shuts down, then gives me a popup that says, “Google Chrome Needs to Restart.” I wish it would show better performance, though I have to admit it is easy to use. Not to mention, only Firefox recognizes my webcam.

  3. Chrome IS smooth but that’s it. It simply fails on the extensions that Firefox has. It isn’t an excuse to say that Chrome is young because it is not. In comparison to the release of Firefox and the extensions that were created early on, Chrome’s extensions are plain terrible and useless due to its equally useless development community.

  4. I like google crome browser..but only one thing which i want from crome is INFORMENTER…Only mozilla provides this facility….i hope that in future crome has this adds on..!!!!!!

  5. Tried it, rejected it completely after one (!) day.
    Whatever the “alternatives” are trying, there’s nothing like IExplorer… since M$ are the ones driving everything only M$ is the most compatible way.

  6. I want to love this browser, but until they implement add-ons it’s just unusable. When I use it, I’m constantly saying to myself, “Oh, wait–this isn’t Firefox. I can’t do that.” My Firefox add-ons ARE the browser at this point. Also, Chrome has a very bad bug that causes typing in the address bar to be incredibly slow and unresponsive if you have a lot of bookmarks (which I do). It’s a nice browser in many ways. Still not ready for primetime.

  7. i tried it on my windows xp asus netbook….not only is it great,its superfast, and simple….my main computer is an imac,when the mac version comes out,i will definetely use it as well….i like it better than firefox and safari…

  8. I have been using Chrome for a few months now and love it! It is a lot faster than IE, and has less clutter. It is very user-friendly, and is simple.. but effective!

  9. chrome is really lightweight n easy to use..
    but i its giving me problems for some sites..(for example facebook)
    the same sites work fine in IE

  10. I have been an IE user for ages. Based on the positive reviews, I thought I would try Chrome. I did for about 3 days. Frequently visited sites drove me crazy. Some sites doubled up: some sites never showed; some sites I did not want to ever see again, I could not get rid of. FAQ did not address my concerns. There is no comprehensive explanations of features. Email program that came with it will not import my contacts from Yahoo Mail. All in all it has been a disappointment. I don’t think i will go back to it.

  11. Certainly a fast browser that brings many good ideas to the arena. However, try changing the default search engine on the fly, exert some influence on cookie and privacy policies, … and Chrome really falls short. Chrome is the expression of a Google-centric view of the Internet. Firefox, Internet Explorer 8 and Opera currently provide better user experiences and in particular, control. Chrome will also need to stick closely to other browsers as far as any rendering idiosyncrasies would be concerned. Most Web Developers already have enough grief with the existing differences between the browsers on the market. The Beta phase was very quick. I suspect we will see major user experience improvements with future versions, or Chrome will be just another Safari, but one without the Mac OS X home playing field.

  12. My experience with Google Chrome has been outstanding. It is VERY quick, extremely easy to use, clean interface but the home button should be enabled from the start.

  13. I downloaded it and I found that it is almost functioning like Firefox! except the differences in the layout and looking.. it is nothing except Firefox.

    I have tested it in various websites that display fine in MS IE but not in Firefox and I found that Google chrome displays the websites exactly as what the Firefox does!

    Anyway, beating MS IE is not easy at all and I don’t think that any browser will reach 1/10 of IE.

  14. I just downloaded it today. Wanted to test the new website which we had build in chrome…Quite disappointing…this browser is only good for simple sites..our sites uses a lot of xml stuff…and it seems it not working at all.most of the css stuff is not visible on the screen…it works fine in firefox and IE.. Its disgusting how people have to test all their codes in all the available browsers..there is no standardization..It would have been good if GOOGLE had collaborated with firefox and helped the community…
    The problem out here is that Google knows its image wants people to adhere to their rules ,rather than adhering to user community rules..
    Hope Google had done some justice out here….

  15. I just uninstalled Firefox, cause the bookmark management has improved a whole lot… now it can import and export bookmarks from an html file, I’m not sure if from any browser, but from html files, yes it can.
    AJAX apps compatibility has improved, I don’t know if with java apps, but for what I do with the internet, this works, it’s FAST, and for these reasons, firefox is gone.
    I love Chrome.

  16. I say pretty good for Chrome, very simplistic but that is not automatically a bad thing.

    I had used IE for years, it is pretty reliable but I got annoyed with its slowness. I tried Safari it is very quick and I am open to sticking with it but I got annoyed with its frequent “100% CPU Usage” problem.

    I tried Chrome a couple of weeks ago, and aside from the fact it cannot open my “Excite” email account, it has worked beautifully well for me thus far. As long as I get a smooth and reliable web surfing experience, I do not mind having to use another browser to check my excite email. Of course not the ideal setup but it easily beats the annoyances of IE and Safari.

    Chrome so far, quick and reliable!

    Now about that Chrome “eyeball”, lol…

  17. Cookies…it’s either on or off. I adore the feature in Firefox where I can decided website by website. Won’t use it until this is changed.

  18. Honestly, in my experience with Chrome, there isn’t one reason to switch back to any other browser. the interface took a little bit of time to get used to, but it now feels completely natural and works wonderfully. Some of the ideas might not be original implementations, but this is one of the best packages to include all of the standout features into one. This is now my browser of choice, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  19. First of all, Google Chrome Beta (yes, it’s still in beta) which was released not long ago should not be compared with any browser because it has been released for a short while and this is there first browser and it’s just a Beta (not the completed version) unlike Firefox, and yet it still manages to challenge Firefox. Wait until Google releases 1-3 more updates/upgrades/newer versions to Google chrome and then try it again and most of you would like it (or since i’m now posting this, try the latest version of Google Chrome) but if you want add-ons/extensions that don’t slow down your browser or cause other issues like with Firefox, give Google 5 months – 1 year. Also, Google Chrome, believe it or not, is much faster, has a cleaner interface, uses less memory, crashes less than Firefox (with me) and is more secure and Google releases 10-30 nightly builds of Google Chrome everyday and also has a Developers/Testers channel which has newer versions of Google Chrome every 1-2 weeks (with a change log and new features etc) which are tested before they are publicly released. Google Chrome’s EUlA was changed the day it was released when an error was found in it.

  20. Hi there, I’ve been using Google Chrome for few days. It is just awesome!!! Google Chrome (even at beta stage) seems to add firefox features with a powerful engine (safari-like) and great stability (like konqueror). I think google chrome is the future of web browsers since it can interact easily with basic users giving advanced users most required features.

    Long life to Google Chrome!!!

  21. It’s actually my default browser, even being in Beta stage. I just simply use the internet, no add-on, no complicated stuff, just simply use the internet. If you are like this then Chrome is for you, Big Time! The speed kills the other browsers. When i used FireFox to test the speed, i actually got impatient with it because it is slower. You can tell the difference! The tab thingy is actually very cool. I had like 5 tabs open, one of them crashed. It simply closed it but it did not crash the browser itself or the other tabs, it is smart! Looks excellent with vista, it is translucent on the back of the tabs, flows really well. GET IT!!!!!!

  22. I tried it, but its like for the IE users not for the Firefox users.

    Firefox, is much advance though lacks memory management.

    Anyhow, may be one day google will have lot of features to attract FF users.

  23. sometimes google chrome stops while reading a site with javascripts on it, and as a result, the site stop at the moment ’til it doesnt run anymore. i think, google company should study on this and focus on this problems. other feature are ok, and it so fast when it comes to downloading. but another problems is there is no link to search for their add-ons which other web browsers mainly offered.

  24. I am using Chrome since 6 days and i loved it.
    The features that i liked are
    -> Its address cum search bar.
    -> It starts quickly.
    -> While navigating any page we can select a string and when we right click on it, there is an option of “Search Google for ‘string'”. It automatically opens a new tab and displays the result for search

  25. I have download Google chrome yesterday. I like this browser very much. its too smooth for website search and its tab browsing is awesome.

  26. Well, its pretty, fast, but with (yep i know its a beta) a lot of bugs and no addons. At first pages visited i’ve got 3 or 4 crashes (bad luck maybe) and some webpages dont work! Lets wait for the final version, for now i keep on ff and opera…

  27. Google Chrome is definitely not just another browser, it’s an assembly of several well-known concepts that together make a whole new browser concept which will enable a better, seamless user experience and new kinds of very powerful applications. I love it!!

  28. and one thing more, there is no update option here, so if u update ur brower, we have to download is it. Be innovative like yahoo!

  29. Congratulations! ok so as one of the blogger said there r some problem in chrome, that is true, i m also facing these problems. As i m a user of IE and didnt expect that google, in their foray in browers, they will not show any mistake but it is not like that.
    1. Scroll Bar is not working properly when working on my Laptop. [we can move vertical scroll bar down and can’t move up].
    2. Font visibility is not Great when compare with IE.
    3.There is no Dropdown when try to add website link to Favorites.
    4. Not able to recognize Website image when saved to Links Folder in favorite.
    5. Flash players in Some sites like [] is not working.
    6. Think this browser consumes more memory compare to IE.
    7. Font appearance is not great when you typing password for Net banking like BOA.
    8. If you provide standard menu like IE, that would be great.
    am not asking for toolbars like Yahoo.
    Hope this may help you.

  30. Its impressive but funny thing is for gmail browser based chat is not working in it
    And stuck in online streaming

  31. OK, but it’s annoying way it opens up favorites menus. It makes me stick with Explorer.

    A Favorites menu with items stored in a file hierarchy is slow and painful to repeatedly navigate down to the lower levels. Explorer defaults to the same part of the file structure in Favorites each time it’s accessed.

  32. well quiet different comments form my side.
    i just quit browsing on other browsers. within days i can say i am addicted to it. its tabs management is superb and the only feature i don’t like in it is it’s HISTORY feature.
    but to avoid it we also can use the incongnito browser given right to the address bar in dropdown menu.

    what i had noticed is browsing in this browser is a bit fast than FF and internet explorer.

    Best features:

    1… Tab organisation.
    2… Incognito Browsing window.
    3… Bit faster than other ones.
    4… Imports bookmarks from IE and FF.
    5… WideScreen browser because no toolbar.
    6… One AdressBar for searching and Browsing.
    7… Displays history pages(may help some peoples).

    Some bad features:

    1… Doesn’t Import bookmarks from other major browsers.
    2… Some links of some websites are not working.
    3… Lack of AddOns. or No AddOns.

    Still i want to say as this is the new browser it had learned a lot from the current competition. so Google think a bit more to remove the current problems.

    Thanks for your time

  33. Google Chrome is good so far, but for several reasons, I will still use firefox as my main browser. Because ff has something chrome does not: excellent usefull applications and cool themes.
    One thing I really liked about Chrome, is that it have no bottom line, and a slim upper line with tabs all on the top. This makes the web pages bigger and I love it.

  34. I liked the browser till I tried to load Facebook and Myspace. No luck, it crashes repeatedly. I guess from reading around this is something others have experienced. I am sure there are other sites that chrome can’t handle too. Being as that I am a myspace addict, its not worth the trouble, I’m going back to IE and keeping an eye open for if and when they work out the kinks.

  35. pretty good browser.. i feel it works faster than IE.. the sad part is that yu cannot import bookmarks from opera.. beta version is fine.. lets hope better features in next builds… i’ve tested it on some 300 websites (i gave to catch up with some sleep !!)… my score would be 8.5/10..

  36. It’s quite good though I haven’t checked each and everything of chrome. However, if it does lack something, it will overcome that cuz it is only the beta version. One of the problems that I faced is that it cannot import bookmarks from my opera or FF but only from IE. I solved the problem as well. I imported the bookmarks to IE and then to chrome.

  37. Been using it since the day of release. Took me a while to get used to it after that smooth sail all the way. Loads in lightning speed, removed microsoft exploter the first day I installed this one, not even one crash so far. we own four computers two for the office two for home. We have it installed on all of them. I recommend this product without reservation.

  38. @ME Agree it needs fullscreen, but there is private browsing – look for “incognito” mode.

  39. Even i also downloaded and installed on my laptop. But it is taking more CPU time. It looks cool, but some how i feel FireFox is better than this.

  40. Brilliant. I’m actually giving up FireFox for this. I adore my extensions but this is just amazing. There aren’t really any extensions FF has that I can’t live without, and Chrome already has a few built in.

  41. love it fast enough to compete with firefox. But need short cuts, and maybe add in a full screen view too. like F11 or just put a full screen button there :) plus more toolbar options would work too. and a private browsing like safari :)
    and then it will maybe be even better than firefox

  42. Chrome is unbelievable. It’s smooth and it run perfectly. i am able to download things easier now and i can get to my favorites and recent history faster. The internet seems to be running alot faster now too!

  43. I’m 90% sure that this will be my default browser as soon as it’s out of the BETA stage. :)

  44. It’s certainly really fast to open and to load pages. I also like the simple look as it frees up room for the actual web content. However a pop-up (by clicking) tab with a few more options would feel like there’s more access to things like bookmarks, printing, etc.

    I use Opera mostly and (a) agree it’s a pain there’s no import for Opera bookmarks, and (b) will stick with Opera usually because of a number of site issues (including Java not working properly in Chrome) and the RSS feed and P2P features and other stuff available in Opera.

    That said, it’s smart for casual surfing just because it’s so quick.

  45. I like the stripped down design and maximising of screen real-estate, no unnecessary clunky menu bars. The Omni-bar is innovative and works well. Chrome is noticeably fast and comes with a myriad of useful keyboard short-cuts. Unfortunately, there are no native mouse gestures to take full advantage of this nippy browser, although, there are 3rd party software that can achieve this.

    Opera will remain my default browser, for now. But Chrome has definitely caught my eye

  46. so simple, perfect speed, nice User Interface
    I think Google chrome F**K IE, FireFox, Opera, Safari so soon

  47. Wow this new browser from Google is impressive. It really reminds me of Firefox. I’m a die heart Firefox fan, but Chrome has almost everything Firefox comes with, well Firefox just download. But the best part is the new tab page with thumbnail of the most viewed sites. Plus it run really fast. I’m thinking about a switch??? Maybe….

  48. I’ve tried downloading Chrome on my computer, and it fails everytime(it freezes after the “import files/pages”. I’m not sure if it’s the version of Vista I have(the not so great, incomplete one) or just my computer. Has anyone else had this problem?

  49. First of all,I congrats Google Team to develop a new Browser
    called Chrome.It’s fantastic since it is very fast when compared to IE7.0 (or) FF (or) Opera (or) Netscape.
    Then it is having Search cum Address Bar.It is nice.
    Chrome looks Simple and Smooth.It doesn’t have Title Bar but
    have options more then any other Browser.
    The Downloads are very fast and it is easy to predict many
    things such as time,size in Graphical Manner.
    Just pressing esc button, makes the web page to stop immediately.
    It is easy to clear Browsing History when compared to IE even IE7.0 and FF since it clears within a second.
    Friends,This is just a BETA version works beautifully,
    and when the FINAL version released it will be having many
    extended features and also rectifies minute errors that it is
    facing now.
    Definitely within a Year,GOOGLE-CHROME will be the Only
    Browser used by 3/4 people in the WORLD.

  50. @ all:

    For those of you who want printing, just hit Control + P, the printing shortcut as in any other Windows app.

  51. Chrome definitely is a step forward, no doubt. But it has its share of present ” beta ” problems. Like ORKUT ? You simple wont be allowed to scrap!! And to think Orkut is also owned by Google!! Thats a major shame man. But it is speedy and the Omnibar is uber-cool, like reading your mind.
    KUDOS to Google, hope they release an updated version soon !!

  52. I wish it had the Print Preview feature like in Firefox/IE8. I need to print a lot of what I search

  53. I used chrome and it was just a great experience for me. I played around it seeking different tools. There should be status bar which will make it more attractive.

  54. I found nothing special in this release, maybe an official one will be better. It’s Firefox without many features

  55. Hello
    I still prefer the “Speed Dial” feature of Opera, and its integreated email client….
    Waiting for Chrome to beat that!I’m sure they will…!

  56. *Points at ESC key*

    There’s your stop button, far quicker to slam your finger on the ESC key than clicking a stop button with the mouse.

  57. arey plz tel me i scaned my PC 4 times but………
    no use plz tell me how to remove login problems in orkut

  58. hi users can any 1 tee me how to log in in orkut
    i hav e login problem in orkut & it says “PAGE CANT BE DISPLAYED”
    plz help me

  59. Google will come up with MAC and Linux soon. I suppose they want Microsoft to have a shock and weep and be in trauma, I suppose.

  60. Hello Google Team,

    First of All Congrats to all Team members for your real hard work.I appreciate your lot of smart work and architecture you used. I tried Google Chrome Brand new Browser. I really like its performance and simply it is super. The way you implemented Chrome is really appreciable.

    Since it is BETA version from Google, I would like to provide some comments from my experience.

    1. Scroll Bar is not working properly when working on my Laptop. [we can move vertical scroll bar down and can’t move up].

    2. Font visibility is not Great when compare with IE.

    3.There is no Dropdown when try to add website link to Favorites.

    4. Not able to recognize Website image when saved to Links Folder in favorite.

    5. Flash players in Some sites like [] is not working.

    6. Think this browser consumes more memory compare to IE.

    7. Font appearance is not great when you typing password for Net banking like BOA.

    8. If you provide standard menu like IE, that would be great.
    am not asking for toolbars like Yahoo.

    Hope this may help you.

  61. Good first experience.

    As far as not having msn as a search engine, one can add it (why???): tools icon> options > basics > default search engine: manage > add …URL

    I like the fact that one can change the browser native language after installation.

  62. I really do like this new browser. It offers a breath of fresh air. I have NEVER liked toolbars, simply because they add clutter to the image I am looking at. It also seems to be faster for me than Firefox and IE. All in all, a thumbs up for this browser.

  63. @David:

    Actually what it does is create separate version for each user so your application has unique signature so when you browse the web Google can read your data and collect it for targeted advertising and Google Analytics. Check theirs Privacy Policy it is written there.

    For everyone:

    Please note that Chrome is very close to being Adware/Spyware since it installs a lot of different programs when it installs itself. Check your Services section in CP for Google Updater Service and check your RUN section in registry for GoogleUpdater and you will see what i mean. Also not that they DO NOT delete when you uninstall Chrome so watch out!!!

  64. i dont think chrome is a better software than firefox or even IE. and i utterly dont understand why people are after it!!!


  65. i just tried it. it is super fast. only downside is that i am not able to find the organize bookmarks section to move things around! i have to go one-by-one. other than that, it is so nice and met my expectations.

  66. Great Browser! Fast! Innovative technology! Great potential to become the new leader in web browsing! Once a few things are worked out this will be one lean, mean browsing machine!

  67. This thing rocks!!!!! mark my words, google chrome will be the majority browser in no time, its to good!!

  68. “By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services.”

  69. Chrome seems good except maybe for the lack of stop button and bookmark manager. The scroll using the mouse seems to not work properly too.

    What I fear about this browser is the “agreement”.

    “By submitting, posting or displaying the content you give Google a perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, royalty-free, and non-exclusive license to reproduce, adapt, modify, translate, publish, publicly perform, publicly display and distribute any content which you submit, post or display on or through, the services.”

    So expect floods of ads if ever they get a big market share.

  70. Pro: Fast, sleek, easy

    Con: Closing the main window while multiple tabs are open doesnt give an alert to the user.

  71. ++++++impressive look
    faster than IE 7 or Firefox 3.0

    ——– slowdown & crashes after a long uses

    phir bhi great effort Google Inc.. Keep it up..

    wait for Final release..

  72. Smooth.. Fast.. Clean.. my first impression of Chrome.

    It loads the pages smoothly and is quite fast as compared to FF and IE. By removing title bar, having dynamic status bar and squeezing the menu options, it has really increased the screen size. The thumbnail view for recently visited pages is also cool. You can also drag a tab to make it a window, a feature which is not in FF. Rest other features and some minor drawbacks are given in the reviews above.

    Chrome comes from a really big name – Google; hence the hype and expectations are high, and I can say that in this beta version they are definitely upto it.

  73. I found this review to be fine. My main concern though was with one of your comments on Apple/Microsoft. Not to start a browser war or anything, but you say this is for the “casual” user and then go on to say:

    “None of the other browsers have the backing of a company as large as Google (Microsoft and Apple do not count, as one suffers from lack of quality and the other suffers from lack of quantity).”

    1. Where exactly is the lack of quality in IE7 (NOT 6) *for the _casual user_*?
    2. Where exactly is the lack of quantity in Safari *for the _casual user_*?

    Note the emphasis here: *for the casual user*. This means that the age old IE bias that it doesn’t support “standards” is a rather moot point if the page “works fine” (95%+ of notable or even somewhat known websites “work fine” in IE7 and I’m sure that percentage holds decently even for the websites nobody visits). It is not a topic of concern for a casual user. Finally, what features are lacking from Safari for a casual user? I really can’t think of anything off hand myself.

  74. As a web developer, I can’t use a browser without the beloved extensions that Firefox has available. With extensions/addons coming to Chrome, what will this do to Firefox? Is Google planning on monopolizing like a certain company people love to hate — only without charging the consumer?

  75. Chrome is a good browser. Smooth and simple. Taking out the title bar and menus makes it lighter and pleasing to the eye. However, it does not support text styles in email text fields, like in emails, and for some reason is not opening Can someone suggest something?

  76. Youtube kept crashing on me. It never did that with IE. It could use a “ZOOM IN” tool also. I did however, like the speed of it and the opening page with the “most visited” screen shots.

  77. I just downloaded it and so far I’m really enjoying it. I’m still getting used to the layout. It’s awesome that it gives you more real estate on the screen, but it’s not familiar yet. Overall, it seems to be screaming fast.

  78. I too installed Google Chrome. Very cool and fantastic browsing experience.
    I liked the OMNIbar very much. Now we could directly search from the address bar(Oops sorry OMNIbar) itself. The beta version itself if impressive. Can’t wait for the next update.
    We can hope that it comes with the extension support.
    And as usual Google Team has made it simple.

  79. I tried it out on a friend’s PC and now I feel trapped on firefox on my mac :( I hope I get this browser on my mac SOON. in fact, I discovered that flash was running faster in chrome then in firefox!

  80. Google Chrome opens up Microsoft Internet Explorer’s options window on trying to open ‘Change Proxy Settings’ options for Chrome..

    Is Chrome dependent on IE?????????!!!!!!!!!!

  81. @ all
    Thanks for your comments. I see you’re concerned by lack of few features, and also because Chrome’s not available for Mac/Linux yet. Keep in mind that this is only a beta release, and I think Google was forced to launch it earlier than they planned (thanks to the comic leak).

    @David Shenba
    Google has open-sourced Chrome’s code base, so do you really think they’re afraid of being reverse engineered? :)

  82. I think the idea of not providing the “actual installation” file is bad. Users with poor speed connections, like me, usually like to have the setup file itself instead of downloading it each time we want to install. If my system crashes or if i want to install it in my another PC, that really irritates me a lot! Why can’t Google provide their browser setup file for download? Are they afraid of reverse engineering?

  83. Google chrome is definitely faster than IE and I like the overall look. As the guys above mentioned, the Fonts does not look clear at all.

    Also, I do not agree that Chrome is more stable than IE. Chrome also keep crashing just like IE.

  84. melancholiac…regarding the two issues you mentioned:
    1. If you have the Always Show Bookmarks Toolbar selected, you just need to click through OTHER BOOKMARKS and drag the ones you want shown onto the toolbar, simple as that.
    2. Right click on the page and you will see the Print… option

  85. Opera is my favourite browser as of now
    i liked chrome
    i havent used it as much but it looks nice

  86. I wish when importing bookmarks it left them in the same order I had spent much time sorting them into on IE. I also had to sign in to sites like FLICKR and YOUTUBE which was irritating. It certainly seems fast.

  87. Downloaded it just now, here’s my opinion:

    Pros –
    1. Impressive Design.
    2. Clean and less cluttered interface.
    3. In some cases, it loads pages faster than Firefox 3.0
    4. Manages to render nearly all the web pages, even though. this is a Beta version.
    5. Quick to start up.

    1. Deleting History is a bit tricky.
    2. Opening a large number of tabs slows down the browser temporarily.

    But this is just the beta, I hope the final version will be the best browser to date.

  88. Google has to improve a lot on this browser. I am not sure how did google release it without testing most of the websites. I tried accessing new Yahoo mail and it was not working, like wise many other sites which were working on IE and Mozilla doesnt seems to be working on Chrome. Waiting for the next release of Chrome to rectify all these issues.

  89. I have used it for many hours trying many different sites, so far it is great! Can’t wait for all of the addons this thing will be capable of using, Adobe flash plugin already works np with it.

  90. My first impression is that Chrome is very fast. I experienced a noticeable difference rendering standard html and java. Downloading seems intuitive. I’ve noticed a handful of pages on our internal web software that don’t render correctly. The interface is innovative (I like the combination of search bar and URL bar), although I’m not a fan of the huge swath of light blue at the top of the window. I prefer a more neutral color – hopefully something that will be changeable as the product expands. All in all, a very successful beta release, I’d say.

  91. Nishant Gulati, There is a bug filed for Google Chrome indicating difficulties scrolling with the track pad of some laptops. I’m sure this will be fixed soon.

  92. Well this is just a beta so you guys cant expect everything to be there, its still just a test. I really like this browser thought. It stylist, very fast and has my feature feature of all built in google search which is a big plus for me because i use google search like everyday. So whenever they finish this up they should have all you guys other problems fix.

  93. The lack of extensions is a major oversight, although understandable at this early stage of development.
    I will consider switching over full time once the API and extensions are developed.

  94. I love it. Plugins are my only small concern. Although I would basically be just missing the plugin, I can live without it. I also used no-script and ad-block but I’m willing to sacrifice all these for a faster (chrome must be on steroids!) and more robust browser. If you read the chrome comic about the inner works of the browser you’ll learn that every tab you open is run in its own process. Thus, in case of a crash, only that particular tab will close and not the whole browser. This is just wonderful as it has often happened to me that my browser (IE or firefox) crashed and I had tons of tabs open. Definitely very creative from google (in terms of optimizations!).

  95. I haven´t been able to find the print preview feature? is it just me and if so could you please tell me where it is!!

  96. the thing is that javascript doesn’t seem to work on somewebsites for me with chrome. ironic, considering.

  97. I downoaded it this morining and spent all the morning in it. I found it to be very fast – faster than firefox but about the same as the developer preview of Safari 4 which also has a new java script engine. I though I’d hate the omnibox but actually I loved it.

  98. I was quite excited to install Google Chrome as soon as it was available for public download. However, I am bit disappointed after few hours of use.I agree that Chrome is light weight and fast. I could open more than 30 tabs and still working fine. What disappointed me most is, it crashed after few minutes of use.

  99. I tried it for 2 minutes. 2 whole minute because despite the help pages to the contrary it didn’t use the default browser for importing settings and bookmarks nor even give you the option to select anything other than Internet explorer.

    I susspect this is due to me being up to date and using Firefox 3 instead of 2. Rather a big blunder to my mind though.

  100. hey this is cool, i recommend others to use it, i mean at least you guy can try out, this seems to be very fine browser. But I actually hate these browsers releases, as I work as a web developer, now I got start checking all my company sites are compatible with this or not.. i hate this job:(

  101. I tested out Chrome quite a bit. You’d be amazed with its speed, its simplicity, it’s robustness – and this is just the beginning. Leave apart a few minor glitches – which would be fixed with time.

    It’s in Beta. It’d be revolutionary, from being evolutionary, with time. Let’s appreciate an effort.

    Way to go, Google!

  102. I’m posting this comment using Chrome. I was a Firefox user for the last 2 years but now I’m switching to Chrome, I just love it. The best is the application shortcuts and incognito mode.

  103. All in all of the ideas are great…. seperate processes for each tab may take more memory for quick browsing sessions of, say, checking your mail; but in the long haul it’ll be much zippier. I like the fairly minimalistic interface, but that’s just me. I’ve never liked Firefox and had issues running Opera on this computer (I think I still like Opera better), so this is, aside from IE, gonna be my default browser. I hope they can fulfill their promises!

  104. Its Taking too much CPU cycles when loading flash applications, similier to fire fox. This case IE is better.,
    I need to work on some more sites.

  105. Google continues to amaze me…this browser is another feather in their crown…but we have to wait and see what this is capable of provided the aggressiveness of firefox and its extensions.
    I just downloaded it few hours before and the experience have been good so far. I especially like the way they have conserved the space by even making the statusbar a toggling one.
    I feel google has lots of plans in store for this browser, which is first of its kind from the giant and i feel chrome will definitely find its place in the top list of browsers of any web enthusisast in times to come.


  106. it does not have a stop sign if you accidentally type or enter something. it only has a backward/forward/refresh icon. the stop icon should be present if ever something is accidentally type! that’s one thing they should consider!

  107. Runs smoothly most of the time I had problems with gmail the back button takes you all the way to the login page.

  108. have anybody noticed in option for default search engine there are google,ask,yahoo,aol………but no msn????????? This is simply a plain looking browser. wait for the full version and it should reduce the cpu usage for running pages with plugins and javascripts

  109. This one is so smooth and lightweight, yet very fast compared to other browsers like firefox and IE. I am sure its gonna get a good market share pretty quickly.

  110. A tad disappointed with their beta release… lots of issues from regular websites viewing… from facebook apps not working properly (e.g. friends for sale, unable to buy) to java not working properly (fancybox and clones, works on first click, second click gets you no where), poor flash performance (interactive charts a choppy). Of course all the above work great in FF and IE. I see this becoming a web development nightmare in having to dealing with more web browser that behaves differently even though they claim to be standard compliant.
    I question the lack of options chrome offers… I miss having my cache cleared automatically for me upon exit or all the neat add-ons (but give it time for add-ons)…
    As with the rest of Google apps, this will stay in Beta stages for years to come…
    I do love the multi-layer approach to loading webpages as it makes some pages load much faster. I just don’t see the flash or java support being up there… unless they all have to be tweaked for chrome?
    Why don’t they just jump in bed (deeper) with FF and combine the two to make one heck of a browser?… for now I’m sticking with FF and IE…

  111. one notable thing is that google chrome starts much faster than both firefox and internet explorer … casual browser

  112. I have the same experience as the reviewer: Chrome feels very smooth. However, not yet ready for me: it really lacks some functionallity that could maybe provided through extensions, like “multi tab rows” (I use Tab Mix Plus on FF.. usually I leave about 60 tabs open) or mouse gestures. Google could also simplify the spell checker language selection, currently it’s very complicated to switch the language …

  113. The browser looks fine to me. I like the low payload it has, something which Asus EE PC users and older noteboook users will love…. Incognito sounds like a good feature… How efficient would it turn out to be? I got similar screenshots over at my site…..

  114. I downloaded it an hour before. I saw the problem when it comes to “TEXT EDITING”. It might be some problem with Browser’s text box.

  115. To print the page, click on the page icon in the upper right corner, it comes up with the normal print, copy , paste functions.

  116. Tried scrolling up with my scroller but faced problems though scrolling down was done very neatly, also it does not ask the way i want to download i.e. either run it directly through any application or flashget etc. and download in its default manner. Printing a file is also little complicated and expects its user to work on shortcuts for ease
    Will wait for something stable before switching to it.

  117. i downloaded it around an hour ago, and it runs pretty smoothly and the interface is nifty. i dont like how the bookmark is on the right side though and how it says OTHER BOOKMARKS. Is there a way to rename this? I also don’t like how there’s no title bar, which comes to my next question, if i wanted to print something in what I’m currently browsing, how do I do that? Since it’s beta, it looks okay except for the two things I mentioned. Haven’t really tested it in depth though, but any idea on the two items I mentioned above?

  118. It impressive but lack many features provided by other browsers FF and Opera. Opera is my favorite browser. Chrome is stylish and does not support importing bookmarks from Opera that is the sad part. Though, in beta phase let’s see the future builds will have these features.

    Well Done!

  119. I downloaded it this afternoon & played around with it for a while & liked what I saw. As a Mac user, I had to launch Parallels running XP in order to use it because the PC version is all that’s available at the moment. This promises to be a great web browser!

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