Greasemonkey scripts for GMail


Greasemonkey is an extension for Firefox. Some folk say its the most useful of all Firefox extensions. While that is an exaggeration, it is partly true. I consider Greasemonkey as one of the more useful extensions. And it is among my limited collection of extensions on Firefox.

Greasemonkey allows you to write/upload scripts – simple JavaScript files – to change the way that we see websites, add special functionalities, tweak and tune stuff etc. There is a myriad universe of scripts – go catch ’em all at The possibilities are truly amazing – from tweaking the GMail interface to auto-fill comments, and from Google Reader search boxes to Search focus, there are so many scripts available, that almost no one will return empty-handed. And yes, there are scripts even for blogging, like Blogger hacks.

So here’s my roundup of the Greasemonkey scripts that I have liked:

  1. AirSkin: A not-so pretty(but definitely prettier than the original) skin for GMail. Recommended for those sick of the default skin(myself included). Also see alternate version.
  2. Facebook Alert: This handy script brings Facebook alerts right inside GMail. Too bad there isn’t any such script for Orkut, my favourite :(
  3. Force https: Logging into mail accounts in insecure networks can render you vulnerable to hacking. This script forces login through https everytime you login to Google’s services.
  4. Folders4Gmail: GMail’s label system is cool. It allows you to place each conversation under multiple categories. However, it may not be liked by everyone. If you are one of those who craved for the good old system of folders, this script will help satisfy you.
  5. Remove ads: GMail has the least obtrusive ads. No flashy image banners on top, like Yahoo. However, as humans, we all want to reach the next step. So, what is the next step in removing ads? Remove the ads on right-hand-side. This script helps you do that, thereby maximizing the reading pane.
  6. Gmail Beautifier: “Beta” is used for services that are new, and not yet free of bugs. However, it is a tad surprising that GMail still sports a beta tag. This script includes several mods like removing ads, hiding the “Beta” tag in GMail logo etc.
  7. GMail Emoticons: Add vivid smileys to your posts to make your conversations more colourful.
  8. Auto-login: Allows you to login to GMail directly, provided that your username and password is remembered by Firefox.
  9. Delete Button: Adds a much sought-after Delete button to GMail. No longer needed, as this functionality is now part of GMail.
  10. Rewrite mailto: Every time you click on a mailto link, GMail opens with an address like this – This script rewrites the link to
  11. Mark as read button: Have you ever wished to have a Marked As Read button, as in Google Reader? This is the fix. No longer needed, as this functionality is now part of GMail.

These are my favourites. Which do you use? Which of the above-said did you like the most? Do you have any adds? Do let me know through comments.



  1. @Peg: The newer GMail has a lot of differences under the hood, and I too find that it is broken. It is only one of the many broken scripts. However, updates will be done to the script soon, and I will update the post if I find any further info.

  2. I need help the gmail emoticons script….. I installed greasemonkey, restarted Firefox and then installed the GMail Emoticons script. However, the Emoticons! link does not appear on the right hand side of Check Spelling link. I am using the newer gmail. What do I need to do to get the script to work?

  3. @Sumesh – Sounds good to me! I have the plugin installed, but only use one script at the minute. I’d love to see a few Google Reader ones! (I use that every day. xD )

  4. @Fultz: Glad it helped 😉

    @ProBlogDesign: I came across Greasemonkey sometime back, and have been a fan since. And I try new ones every month or so, so expect more such lists(for Google Reader on the way).

    @NSpeaks: #9 and #11, you mean. Thanks, deleted it.

  5. Wow – You really know how to tweak an app!

    I don’t actually use Gmail anymore (MS Outlook), but the little extras here were quite tempting to try out. 😀

  6. Don’t you think scripts number 8 and 10 are not needed? Gmail already has a delete and mark as read button.

  7. Yeah, GMail is winning over with its simplicity – something tells me they stole Philips’ motto. As for Greasemonkey – it has some really cool tricks up its sleve.

  8. Ah that’s a nice list! I love GMail, I love Greasemonkey…..2 G’s changing the lives :)

  9. @ChristianR: Thanks. Hope it helps! I have been cutting down my posting frequency in a bid to improve quality. I guess it is rubbing off now 😉

  10. @Shankar: Thanks for the compliments, Shankar.
    Maybe you’d consider me for your next linkpost 😉

  11. Nice post there. I didn’t know about the Gmail emoticons script. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Ashwini: Yeah, this list took all of today morning to prepare.
    As far as GMail is concerned, it is designed to be light and quick, so many features are left out, like alternate skins selectable from the GMail interface. Thankfully, Greasemonkey comes to our rescue.

  13. cool list
    I was wondering that Gmail could not handle any smileys in mails but hats of to u {actually Greasemonkey}

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