Install Save for Web GIMP plugin in Windows


Photoshop has a Save for Web feature by default, without installing any plugin. However, you need to install a GIMP plugin called Save for Web to get the same functionality. Save for Web allows you to optimize images for web, by reducing file sizes greatly.

Installing plugins in GIMP takes only a few simple steps, detailed below:
If you use GIMP on Ubuntu, follow instructions in the tutorial Install Save for Web in Ubuntu.

Install Save for Web GIMP plugin in Windows

Download Save for Web plugin (if you haven’t do so already)

Extract Save for Web plugin somewhere – for example, Desktop.


Install Save for Web plugin in GIMP

You will get a folder save_for_web_0.28.6_win32. Copy webexport.exe file from that folder to your personal plug-ins folder:

In Windows XP:

C:\Documents and Settings\\.gimp-2.6\plug-ins

In Windows Vista:


If you use a different version of GIMP, the folder will be accordingly (for example, users of GIMP 2.4 will have a folder called .gimp-2.4

Save for Web plugin GIMP

Restart GIMP. You will find Save for Web option in File menu in any image editing window (not the main GIMP window).


  1. Actually, that file (libgdk-win32…) IS in my “C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\bin” folder, but webexport.exe refuses to install. It just doesn’t do a thing when I double-click it :(


  2. On Vista it tells me it couldn’t install it because it didn’t find the file called: “libgdk-win32-2.0-0.dll”

    Was I to install something else before this?


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