Download free GIMP brushes (1400 brushes)


GIMP is an open-source image editing program, one of the most popular image-editing programs. GIMP has a large library of free brushes that can be downloaded, to improve functionality of GIMP. Here is a large collection of GIMP brushes that you will find useful for various purposes.

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  1. how do you publish your own brushes? i made few already but how do you publish them so everyone else can download them?

  2. How to install gimp brushes, where is gimp brushes folder etc:

    press the extract button, click browse.

    go to: C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\brushes

    click extract.

    you’re done, restart gimp. OR click the refresh button in the brushes toolbox, tiny little blue button on the bottom.

    I know this post is pointless as its old post. But better to post than not to post. Keywords will still show up in google and help others.

  3. Read the description. Your a Linux user are you not? you should know by now how to RTFM…

  4. In windows unzip the zip file to ->

    C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\share\gimp\2.0\brushes

    Some of these brushes are packaged in gz, tar, etc. You can unzip these if you download a third party unzip like 7zip. Otherwise, if your lazy like me ignore them and go download the next lot.

  5. Yeah, that’s most definitely a false reading. Deviant art is used by millions of people. It would get picked up very easily if there were.

  6. @Lacey very easy, over in the main toolbox, usually sits on the left hand side of screen, where you select airbrush, paint, fill, pencil, etc etc etc.. there’s a size button there. So say your doing airbrush, then you select a brush from your toolbox in the right hand side (brush toolbox) then go over the the main toolbox and select the size of airbrush (ratio).

  7. im using google chrome, when you click on the link, and it takes you to the deviant page, on the far right, theres a download link. on google chrome when you download it comes up on the bottom of your page. just click on the link that comes up at the bottom and it takes you to a windows folder thing and you drag the brushes into your gimp brush folder. (finding the gimp brush folder was the hardest part for me. lol)

  8. idk if im the only one who is noticing, but some of these brushes are spazzy, like, you click once, and it keeps going until IT decides to stop. Also, you cant resize a few of them either… ive tried scaling, which is pretty much all you can do, and that doesnt work. does anyone have any suggestions?

  9. Most of these brushes are from which is an art site that i use everyday. These are direct links to those pages and they are fine. i have several of these brushes. And CA says they’re fine :3

  10. You have to unzip the brushes file into gimp and when you click on brushes all of them will be there

  11. Nice collection of brushes! Feel free to use any of mine (130 right now) here:

  12. gimp brushurs macht eing nichts viel besser aber es ist Còol:D

    das normale ist auch sehr gut

  13. matt,
    right click on the zipped folder. there will be a button that says extract all. click it. when the files r extracted, an opened folder will pop up along with the original zip folder. delete the zip and move the opened folder to your gimp brushes by clicking on ur harddrive icon, C:\…… then go to users, gimp, brushes. make sure to keep the opened bursh folder location open. i will post a tutorial for this on my youtube channel: dago201.
    hope this helps

  14. I’ve only been using Gimp a short while and never even knew these brushes existed – but they help so much. Thank you very much for this post.
    I think Gimp is brilliant and I’m “chuffed to little pieces” (very happy) with my new brushes!!

  15. In answer to Sarah, and everyone else asking how to install:

    Download the brushes.

    Go to My computer > Local Disk > Programs files > GIMP

    Once in the GIMP folder, go to Share > Gimp > 2.0 (or whatever version you have) > Brushes.

    Cut and paste the brushes that you downloaded into the folder, and restart the GIMP program.

  16. I can’t figure out how to download these…I know i’ll have to move them to the gimp file…but i cant figure out how to download them to get them into a file period…i cant find the button or whatever…

    can someone please help me?

  17. hi, can you give the step by step procedure on how to install the brushes on my toolbox? because i don’t know how to make them appear on my gimp. do you have a video on how to do it on youtube? thanks a lot.

  18. Omg ^^ Thank you so much for these brushes! <3
    😉 These will come in handy! Specially the blood brushes and scrap brushes 😆

  19. thanks so much for this! i make headers and signs and things for forums and other things and i’ve always tried to find swirlies and different brushes just online, but now i can use these! thanks so much again! 😀

  20. I like very much Gimp. But. please, can someone tell me where this folder brush – I haven’t got it. I pasted the brushes in the “etc” folder and then I create new one “brush”, but without result… Thank you very much! :)

  21. These are just the brushes I’ve been looking for for a few things I’m working on. Thanks!

  22. Hey I’m having a hard time. i have windows vista. and it sucks. any chance i could get some help?

    It keeps saying:
    “C:\Users\owner\AppData\Local\Temp\ could not be opened, because the associated helper application does not exist. Change the association in your preferences.”

  23. I so love GIMP (and Ubuntu:)! And fiding these brushes on the net helps me in creating more vectors and vexels:)

  24. thanx a lot!!!!
    this make my day, i was just looking for this..
    from teh caribena.. THANX!!!!!

    att..mexican artist :)

  25. i am wondering what kind of brushes would u use if u want to make a avitar like meez or imvu?

  26. Lovely variety of brushes in all, however this particular page has brushes of similar styles, might I suggest putting many different varieties here instead?

    Plus your tutorial, although simple is a little hard to follow, as I am definately not a computer whizz and can’t seem to find any of the documents needed to downloads the brushes.

    So although I have saved them to my computer, they are unusable at the moment, and I am sad to say I have had to delete many due to the fact they take up so much memory and can’t be used.

    I think a step-by-step would be nicer, plus directions ons where to go. It would help a lot. Good Luck, and I love some of the brushes people have made (:

  27. I didn’t realize how amazing GIMP can be. I am excited to try a brush. This is all new to me!

  28. Wow! these brushes are amazing!! I decided to install GIMP because I wanted to improve my avatar creating skills, and decided to google some brushes, I’m glad i did because these brushes will help me create some avatars beautifully!

    jess x

  29. hell yeah..

    that’s what i’m lookin for..

    thanks a lot to whoever made, upload, and made the list just like you..

    awesome bro..

    God Speed..

  30. Thank you very much for all these awesome brushes. :)
    I just got GIMP for my laptop, but always had it for mty main computer and these were some of the brushes I used before. The brushes from here have always been my favorites. Thanks again!

  31. samantha, all you have to do is get to the actuall brushes and copy paste into your gimp folder. to do this u may want to search for your simp folders. then you paste them into the brushes folder.

    hope this helps!


  32. Hey there.
    I have just started using gimp amd don’t really no what to do. I have downloaded some brushes wich went to a zip file. How do i make them saty in my toolbox tab thingy…
    There not there?
    Im sorry i have read ur tutorial and really just dont understand how to activated them
    I have never really used zip files either….
    So was just wondering if maybe yuu could explain it a bit more simpler for the dumb ppl lyk me who dont get it…LOL?
    Or maybe do you npo were i can find a video tutorial on how to do it…
    Any help would be great,
    Sorry to be a hassel….

  33. Would you consider posting video tutorials detailing how you accomplished the above in free formats? :)

  34. Fantastic compilation of brushes, have been looking for you wouldn’t believe how long to find some good brushes to assist in making avatars and signatures for my forum members, and to have a play with myself.

    I look forward to opening up the gimp when I have them all installed and having a good old bash at making some better designs :)

    Thank you.

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