BK3300A 150W Lead-Free ESD Solder Station


Model BK942A
Power Supply AC 220V/50Hz
Output Voltage AC 28V
Maximal Power 90W; (Rated power consumption)70W
Temperature Range 180-450?
Exterior Dimension (W)101x(H)109x(L)190 mm
Weight 2.10Kg (Except Iron)
Resistance to the ground ≤2Ω (Out of factory)
Voltage to the ground ≤2mV (Out of factory)
Iron handle BK917A
Heating Element 1321 (Imported-ceramic heating core)
Length of cord 1.5 m (Meter)
Temperature stability ±2 ? (Immobile air condition): 45%/ 25?
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  • High power consumption by design with high power consumption ceramic heating core.
  • A three-digit display element, the temperature decreases or increases by ±1?.
  • Code locking function, Temperature adjust locked.
  • 180-450? soldering temperature range.
  • Press the button to input the offset.
  • Automatic dormancy function (optional).