BK936ESD Industrial 60W Soldering Station


Model BK936ESD
Power Supply AC220V 50HZ/AC110V 60HZ
Output Voltage AC24V
Maximal Power 60W
Unlade Power ≤2W
Temperature Range 200?480?
Tin to Ground Potential ?2mV
Dimensions L170×W120×H93mm
Resistance to the ground ?2Ω
Temperature Calibration Potentiometer
Soldering iron BK907ESD
Heating Element A1321
Length of soldering iron cord 1.3m
Temperature stability (un load) ±2?
Fit Tip 900M/900L
Iron Stand BK506A
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  • Stable performance, good thermo recovery, hold heat well to the tip.
  • Light handle, no feeling of fatigue in long operation.
  • Special designed screw to control the temperature precisely.
  • Detachable design, separate iron holder comes with cleaning sponge.
  • Common type and ESD type for different requests of work.
  • Automatic dormancy function (optional).