SUNSHINE DT-890N Auto Range lcd display Multimeter Digital Multimeter

Quick Details –
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: SUNSHINE
Model Number: DT-890N
Measuring Current Range: AC10A/DC10A
Measuring Voltage Range: AC700V/DC1000V
Measuring Resistance Range: 600Ω-60MΩ
Measuring Capacitance Range: 60nF-6000uF
Operating Temperature: 0~40℃
Dimensions: 184*90*46cm
Product Name: SUNSHINE DT-890N Auto Digital Multimeter
Voltage: 9V
Display: led display
Feature1: automatic identification,without adjusted
Test way: double integral A/D conversion
Test temperature: -20℃~1000℃
Sampling rate: 3 times per second
Max Display: 5999(5 5 /6)bits Automatic polarity disaply
Work environment: (0-40)℃,Relative humidity<80%
Weight: 320g
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