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YF-H-4258 is a lead-free no-clean solder paste which is created by combining low-oxidation tin powder and imported rosin that is introduced to the highly-efficient active agent in a vacuum environment. It is a low-temperature solder paste that is used for heat-resistant modules, LEDs and many other products which are non-resistant to higher temperatures. By the time solder paste is reflowed, the activity can be released preciously and slowly. When the solder melts it has a great fluidity and tightens wettability.

YF-H-4258 is not comprised of any halogens. Even though halogen is absent from this formulation, the breakthrough formulation structure provides a great soldering performance. After the reflow, the joints of solder get brighter and full of transparent and non-corrosive nature. It has no blackening and the final residue is colorless. You can count on it for the highest safety performance in the industry.

YF-H-4258 with its wide reflow window is capable of adapting various reflow curves, stable viscosity, and great coating performance.

Performance Properties:

  • Entirely halogen-free solder paste.
  • Great wettability as it is the best option for difficult-to-welt metals like palladium or nickel
  • It provides a great coating feature and has stable viscosity.
  • The solder spots are brighter and full. It has no black or tin beads.
  • It provides highly reliable solder joints after soldering. It has very tiny rosin residue with the transparent, non-corrosive and colorless property.
  • It can reflow in air and nitrogen
  • Best reflow soldering types are weather, laser, infrared, conduction, hot air and convection

Basic characteristics

ProjectNumerical ValueTest Methods
Alloy compositionSn42/Bi58JSTD-006
Melting Point138℃
Metal Content88.5%IPC-TM-650 2.2.20
Viscosity140-180 Pa.sIPC-TM-650 2.4.34
Thermal collapse≥0.4mmIPC-TM-650 2.4.35
Halogen content0EN 14582:2007
Solder ballsVery fewIPC-TM-650 2.4.43
Expansion rate≥78%IPC-TM-650 2.4.46
Steel net life>8 hour@25℃, RH:50%
Residue stickiness testQualifiedJIS Z 3284 附件 12

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