Solder Paste YF-H-03



YF-H-03 is a medium temperature no-clean solder paste. It is lead-free and created by combining low-oxidation tin powder and highly efficient flux inside the vacuum environment. The solder paste is highly stable at room temperature. It can quickly release the activity once reflowed. Once melted, the solder achieves excellent fluidity and wettability.

This solder paste can be widely used in thermal modules, LEDs, tuner and other products that require medium and low-temperature soldering.

YF-H-03 does not contain any halogens. Although halogen is excluded from the formulation, the breakthrough formulation allows it to have excellent solderability and excellent wettability for OSP copper, HASL tin, silver or nickel pads, reflow soldering The light is full and black. The residue is colorless, transparent, non-corrosive and has the highest safety performance in the industry.

YF-H-03 has a wide reflow window and can adapt to a variety of reflow profiles. Solder joints of different endothermic parts can obtain good and consistent welding outputs


  • Entirely halogen-free as the solder paste doesn’t contain any halogen.
  • Good wettability which is best for metals like Palladium or Nickel as they are very hard to weld.
  • Stable viscosity which provides excellent coating
  • The solder spots are entirely full and bright. It has no tin beads or black.
  • It has a low void. The void performance is the highest level as it achieves IPC7095 Class III.
  • The solder joints are very reliable. It has small rosin residue with properties like non-corrosiveness, colorless and transparent.
  • Nitrogen and air reflow.

The soldering methods can be the following: meteorological, conductive, hot air, infrared, convection, or laser.


  • LED
  • Metal welding
  • Low and medium temperature lead-free assembly


  • Needle spot coating/ Stencil printing
  • Reflow soldering (nitrogen or air)

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