Solder Paste YF-6R-305



YF-6R-305 is one simple-purpose lead-free solder paste that is specially created for high precision surface mount applications. It has good performance for fast printing and placement. It provides full and bright solder joints while welding. We can get an excellent soldering effect for SOIC, TSSOP, BGA, QFP, and other devices.

YF-6R-305 is capable of adopting various kinds of reflow profiles. It comprised of a wide reflow window. It provides excellent and consistent soldering output for solder joints at various endotherms including large PCBs.

YF-6R-305 is more stable than previous products. As per normal using scenario (20-25 ° C, RH 30-60 %), the viscosity of the product will not get changed enough even after the twelve hours of non-stop printing. All the soldering properties are well managed in the environment while in the case of harsh good printing.

Once reflowed, the product residue has properties like colorless, transparent, non-corrosive and clean.


  • Follows the IPC ROL0, no clean standard
  • It has a reflow window width which is capable of using various types of reflow curves. It delivers the quality of welding consistency over various heat absorption units of the board surfaces.
  • Full and brighter solder joints
  • Excellent fluidity and stable viscosity along with the printing consistency
  • Best for air or nitrogen reflow
  • Good wettability which is best for hard to weld metals like Palladium and Nickel
  • Post Weld probe can be calculated easily
  • Colorless and transparent residue


  • Metal welding
  • Precision SMT lead-free assembly


  • Reflow soldering (air or nitrogen)
  • Stencil printing.

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