No Clean Flux 729

Backed by our prosperous industry acquaintance, we present No Clean Flux 729. This product is obtainable in varied patterns that meet on patron’s demand.


Other Details:

Flux 729 is an active, low solids (4% approx.), no-clean flux with no visible residue. Flux 729 was specifically developed to deliver outstanding board cosmetics and to eliminate the tendency for solder balling and solder bridging over a wide variety of solder masks during wave soldering and Selective Soldering operations. Flux 729 is used successfully in both tin-lead and lead-free applications.

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Material Melting Temperature 250 Degree Celsius
Brand Global sphere
Packaging Size 20 Liter & Also available in 5 Liter
Packaging Type Plastic Can
Basicity 0.5-0.8
Application Soldering