Flux 15C

We offer the top series of Flux 15C for our valued customers. These products are employed in many purposes in the market. Furthermore, we offer this product at nominal prices.

Other Details:
Flux 15C was specifically developed to deliver high reliability and excellent soldering performance combined with outstanding board cosmetics. It exhibits a low tendency for solder ball generation over a wide variety of solder masks during wave soldering and Selective Soldering operations. Flux 15C is used successfully in both tin-lead and lead-free applications. Flux 15C is a very active, no-clean flux with solid content less than 8%. Post-soldering residue of Flux-15C (Rosin Base) is non-conductive and non corrosive.

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Brand Hemraj
Material Melting Temperature 250 Degree Celsius
Packaging Size 20 Liter & Also available in 5 Liter
Packaging Type Plastic Can
Basicity 0.5-0.8
Application Soldering