Factory price unit Full range protection multimeter 9205A with lcd display

Quick Details –
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Brand Name: SZBJ
Model Number: SZBJ DT-9205A
Measuring Current Range: for DC current: 20μA – 10A; for AC current: 2mA – 10A
Measuring Voltage Range:for DC voltage: 200mV – 1000V; for AC voltage: 200mV – 750V
Measuring Resistance Range:200 ohm – 200 Mohm
Measuring Capacitance Range:2nF – 200uf
Measuring Inductance Range:..
Operating Temperature:0-40 ℃ (32 – 104 ℉)
Dimensions:18.6*8.6*4.1 cm
Name:SZBJ DT-9205A pocket sized Digital multimeter for Electrical
Item no:SZBJ DT-9205A
Feature:With thick silicon shell for protection
Max display value:19999 or 1999
Storage temperature range:-10 – 50 ℃ (14 – 122 ℉)
Reading display rate:2-3 times/S
Over range indicator:The highest level display “1”
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