CXG 936E Effective Adjustable Thermostatic Lead-Free Soldering Station


Model CXG-936E
Handle CXG907(for small joint)/CXG908(for big joint)
Handle length 190mm
Tip support C9
Power consumption 80W
The output voltage 24V
Temperature range ±1 ° C (when no work)
Impedance between tip and ground 2Ω or less
Potential between the tip and ground 2mV or less
2mV or less Ceramic heater A1321B
Wire length 1.2m
Body weight 2.3kg
External size 120(L)*90(H)*170(D)
power supply 220V/110V
Temperature range 200~480°C/392-896?
Replenishment temperature +-50°C
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Tip to ground voltage <2mV
Package dimensions 120(L)*90(H)*170(D)
Weight/boxing number 1.2kg / support, 8 / box
Package dimensions 120(L)*90(H)*170(D)
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Features :

CXG-936E Cost Effective Soldering Station:
  • The small size soldering chip soldering machine machine saves a lot of space for the welding work platform.
  • The circuit board soldering machine lovely colors give you a pleasant feeling when you do the dull soldering work.
  • All materials and designs are safe and environmentally friendly,easy to do tin solering with this desktop soldering machine.