WGA hack to make Windows installation genuine


Crack WGA Windows Genuine AdvantageIn January, we shared a registry file hack to make pirated Windows XP and Windows 7 license appear original to Windows Genuine Advantage checks, thus allowing you to receive online updates.

WGA, or Windows Genuine Advantage, has been criticized for failing to detect genuine licensed copies of Windows, thereby denying paying customers the latest updates and patches. While on cen blame Microsoft for these, the fact is that they have done little to change it.

Need for WGA crack patches (hack) for Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7

WGA is a double-edged sword – it prevents piracy, but there have been lots of cases of WGA falsely warning licensed copies of Windows as illegal. We hope to solve headaches for customers who have actually paid for Windows but get repeatedly screwed up by the Windows Genuine Advantage process.

Here are a couple of WGA hacks to stop such faulty WGA checks and let you download updates easily.


Crack to make Windows XP genuine

There are two sources of patch files for cracking the WGA check:

  • WGA Crack v1.9.40.0 (http://depositfiles.com/files/idw6jtls6)
  • WGA Crack v1.9.40.0 repacked (http://depositfiles.com/files/6xqvq5p2x)

Direct links have not been provided because of obvious (legal) reasons. You should preferably use the first crack file, as it is a standalone executable. Copy and paste the URl to the address field of your browser to get the crack.

Precautions while using Windows XP WGA crack

Some security software (antivirus etc.) might report these files as virus or trojans – this is typical of many crack files. Once you use the WGA crack patch, any Windows system can access and download updates via Windows Update, Microsoft Update and Microsoft Download Center. You will not see any warning screens saying that you use an illegal copy of Windows.

This hack is solely intended to relieve those paying customers of Microsoft whose computers do not validate under the WGA check. TechZilo is not responsible for any legal problems caused by following this guide.


  1. simply search on google. just type in search box-“windows 7 loader by DAZ“ download it and run it.then install it and your copy of windows ultimate will be activaed and licenced permanantly.


  2. sir,
    i have windows 7 build 7600
    but it is copyrighted version.
    Can u help me out in getting the crack. i m not getting it.

  3. download windows loader . extract it . and run the loader.exe. your computer need a restart after the installation,, and you can get ur copy of windows 7 genuine

  4. i have install window 7 but the window not original..pls tell me how to remove the genuine..because my lettop have bin detected as corrupted..

  5. pls suggest me how to make my windows7 ultimate build 7600 genuine & also send cracking software to make it genuine pls .

  6. 10 star’s I mean TEN STARS 😀 and download this one it does work.

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