Skip YouTube age verification (website, Chrome/Firefox extensions, URL hack)


YouTube videos flagged as inappropriate for young viewers require age verification, by logging in to your Google/YouTube account. I find this a minor irritant when I’m using browsers or computers in which I am not logged into any Google / YouTube account. Logging in to watch a video is an unnecessary step, really. It is mandated by law, but registering a Google account with a false birth date is all you need to get around this restriction.

The message that gets displayed for age verification is “This video or group may contain content that is inappropriate for some users, as flagged by YouTube’s user community. To view this video or group, please verify you are 18 or older by signing in or signing up.”

Also, the more paranoid among you might not want to be tracked, or have your YouTube habits and history traced back to your Google account, and prefer to use YouTube without logging in ever.

There are several ways to get around age verification instead of wasting time with the login, and start watching YouTube videos directly.


Edit YouTube page URL

YouTube pages have URLs like, where xyz is the video ID. You can view the video by removing watch? and replacing the = with a /. So the URL would become

You Tube Bypass

YouTubeByPass (caution: the page has many NSFW video previews) is a website built with the express purpose of watching age restricted videos. Simply change the URL of any YouTube page by appending bypass to youtube (so it becomes The site has a search functionality and related videos so you can continue watching videos on the same site with no age limits.

Chrome extension

If you use Google Chrome web browser, install Age Bypass extension.

Instead of being limited to a popup window, the video is opened in the current tab.

Age Bypass Chrome addon

Firefox addon

There was a You Old Enough Firefox extension for the purpose, but it has been removed by the Mozilla Addons website now. Instead, you can use YouTubeBypass or the video URL methods mentioned above in Firefox.

If you use Greasemonkey extension with Firefox, try one of these userscripts.

You will be asked to log in before installing the extension. Either register or login to your account, or enter username and password BugMeNot.

It checks if page you have opened has YouTube’s age verification. If it does, the extension gets the video ID (every YouTube video has a unique video ID) of the video and opens it in a popup. You do not have to login to view it – simply install the extension and browse away.

After viewing the video, you can click on the list of related videos, and continue watching them without being taken to the YouTube age verification page.