Recover accidentally deleted Textmate bundles


Textmate is a popular code editor for Mac OS X. It supports bundles, which are customizations for particular languages (say HTML, or Ruby on Rails).

Textmate includes a default set of bundles, and you can download bundles for other languages easily.

How to get back Textmate bundles

You can also delete bundles that you do not want to use – for example, if you are a PHP programmer, you may not want bundles for other programming languages.


What if you deleted a bundle by accident, or learnt a new language for which you deleted the bundles in Textmate earlier? A simple Terminal command can bring them back.

Ensure that TextMate is not running, then enter the command below to reset deleted bundles (ie. recover deleted bundles):

defaults delete com.macromates.textmate OakBundleManagerDeletedBundles


  1. I get this message, hm.

    “There is no (OakBundleManagerDeletedBundles) default for the (com.macromates.textmate) domain.”

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