Permanently edit websites with Live Website Editor bookmarklet


In July 2008, I wrote a post rounding up the best bookmarklets for designers, which was picked up by some of the bigger blogs out there. The bookmarklet that they picked up was the “Edit current website” which allowed you to edit any website with a click of the bookmarklet.

Live Website Editor is an even better bookmarklet – it allows you to edit webpages and choose to persist the changes.

Drag this link to your bookmark toolbar. On any page, click the bookmarklet and wait a couple of seconds (for external scripts to load). Then, scroll down to the end of the page, where you will see three links. Hover over them and you will get options for editing – click “Activate text editing”.

I found that the editing options appear differently on different browsers – the above is described for Firefox. On Camino, the options appear on top right hand side of the page.


Edit any website live bookmarklet

You can now edit any element – see the screenshot below for what I did to the Live Website Editor page at Google Code.

Live Website editor bookmarklet

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Thanks Arnaud!