Configure uTorrent / Azureus port forwarding router settings


One of the biggest headaches with using a BitTorrent client with a router is port forwarding / lack of open ports / checking for open ports. Opening ports in a torrent client is more about troubleshooting router settings and configuration to get the port forwarding right.

I use a Netgear router with my laptop, hence I will be using it for the steps in this tutorial. However, these should suffice for most routers,

Open port in uTorrent

Find and modify port used

We need to find the port used by torrent client. It is also a good idea to change it to something between 60000 and 65000 – many ISPs are known to throttle ports below that.

How to open port in uTorrent client


In uTorrent, go to Options > Preferences. In the left pane, click Connection. Change the port and note the number down somewhere (to be used in configuration later).

Find network IP

Forward ports in bittorrent
Hit Windows key, type cmd and hit enter. In the command prompt, enter ipconfig and hit enter. Note down the IP address that comes up – this will also be used later.

Router configuration

Configure router settings port forwarding bit torrent
Enter (without .com at the end or http in front) into the address bar of browser and hit enter. You will be asked for login details – if you haven’t changed it, it will be “admin” and “password” respectively.

You are on your own in adding port forwarding – get the option/menu that says “add a port” with forwarding.

Ensure that you name it with a recognizable word and set it to be open for both TCP and UDP. Also type in the port number noted down in first step and network IP noted down in second step.


  1. Thanks a lot!. I have followed u r procedure and now the port is enabled but still the downloading speed is very low (though i’m having 2Mps speed!)
    any procedure to be followed to increase speed?

  2. iam kamlesh from mAURITIUS. i did wat u said above but its useless, my speed is still 57kb/s..its useless man.. no matter how hard i am trying those days… i cant get my full speed as some do gett

    %%%%sorry for my english******

  3. When I type in ipconfig …
    The box comes and goes so fast SuperMan could not read it….

    Any other ideas??

  4. Can you do this in a hotel or library with wireless internet? When I type ip adress in the address bar of my browser, it just says “page cannot be displayed”. I cannot login to the router.

  5. I cannot log in to the site, i typed and they asked for username and password and i typed “admin” and “password” respectively [I HAVEN’T CHANGD THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD BEFORE ]
    but i cannot enter into it.

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