How to prevent Stumble Upon from bookmarking your liked pages


Stumble Upon has added a few new features with its latest update for the toolbar, and one feature that I found annoying is auto-bookmarking of websites that you have tagged and/or rated. This option is on by default, but can be turned off.

Avid surfers with hundreds of bookmarks will probably not notice a new and innocent folder by the name “Stumble Upon”(which contains the bookmarks) being created at the end of the Bookmarks menu. However, there is an easy way to turn it off from the StumbleUpon Toolbar Options. Here’s how:

  • Click Tools -> StumbleUpon Toolbar Options
  • Click the “Search & Tagging” tab
  • Uncheck the box next to “Save favorites to a Firefox bookmark folder” and click OK.

How to turn off Stumble Upon auto-bookmarking

I wonder why Stumble Upon would want to turn this feature on by default – it seems pointless to clutter our browser bookmark area with a few hundred (thousand?) stumbled pages.


What is Stumble Upon?

Firefox and Internet Explorer only.
In case you have not used Stumble Upon before, go to Firefox Addons website and install StumbleUpon extension. Once installed, you can click a button on your toolbar to start ‘stumbling’ on cool webpages that others have discovered. You can vote up or down for web pages according to your assessment of the page (speaking of which, why not stumble this page to help other Stumble Upon users know how to turn off the auto-bookmarking).

There are also small networking capabilities – you can review other users and add them as friends. Speaking of which, why not add me as a friend on Stumble Upon?


  1. I never had a problem with this.All the stumble bookmarks go into a separate folder, so it doesn’t clutter the main bar.

  2. NOT a good thing to have on by default for one’s work computer. Idiots.

    Thanks for the piece!

  3. From what I can tell when I went in to look at it – you had to first click download the history in order for it to have things there….

    Either way – I use SU way too much to keep a copy of the urls locally – although if you were a smaller user – it might be a nice feature.

  4. Oh my gosh thank you so so much this was driving me crazy because my bookmarks are suuuuper organized and my incessant stumbling was screwing them up

  5. @XIII: It sucks if you’ve stumbled more than a few pages.

    @Brian: You’re spot on with this – I’ve been stumbling actively only recently, but 70k – good Lord!

  6. A few hundred? Try tens of thousands. I’ve been a member of SU since 2005 and I’ve “liked” almost 70,000 items since then. I made sure I turned this option off immediately.

  7. I use the updated version of FF, and yes the SU bookmarking feature did come with the last set of updates from SU. In some ways, I find it useful because I can go back and retrieve items that I stumbled and may want to use on my actual stumble blog such a photos, but on the other hand I find it cumbersome in that with my current internet setup it sort of takes a bit of time to actually load into the folder. There’s a pro and con to everything I guess. I’m quite certain it was there for a while before I discovered it though, I had quite a few items bookmarked before I found them while looking for something else. I wonder if there’s any other new thing out there lurking we don’t really know about yet?…LOL Thanks for the post.

  8. actually, if you have firefox 3, the bookmarking feature makes sense. it allows you to search pages you have liked using firefox’s awesome url bar. for example, if i wanted to get back to this page, all i had to do is write “how to prevent stumble upon…” in the direction bar, and it would show me this page. be sure to try it out.

  9. @Zaxy: I actually use Firefox too – with SU v.3.25, the latest version. Will update the post now – thanks for pointing out a possible confusion.

  10. this is interesting, but what is the ‘latest update’ you’re referring to? also, is it only in the IE version of the update? i ask, because your directions to correct it are for IE browsers. I use firefox (woo hoo!) 😉 with SU v.3.16, and i haven’t (yet) had a SU folder created automatically. i will keep an eye out for it, in future (forced) updates, tho.

    great tip/heads-up! thanks! please consider adding the additional info. :)

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