Hide files inside a picture


If you have important documents or files on your computer, and you do not want others to access them, one trick worth trying is to hid files inside a .jpg image.

Hiding files inside a JPEG image is particlularly helpful because

  • it protects your files from prying eyes
  • You can access it any time you want, by simply changing the extension. You do not even need special software to access it (though you need a particular software to hide the files initially).

The only requirement is that you have WinRAR, a popular archival software. We are using some default locations and file names to keep things simple. You can move the JPEG which contains the hidden files, to your location of choice, once it is hidden.

Hide files in JPEG image

  1. Open C: and make a folder named hideme. Copy the file that you want to hide and the image file into this folder. Assume that the name of this file to be hidden is tohide (replace tohide with the name of your file in the instructions below). Rename the image file to dscn_005.jpg (we use an ordinary name so that no one is curious and Googles for a solution).
  2. Right-click the files you want to hide and create a RAR archive hide.rar
  3. Open Run and type cmd to open command prompt. Type cd.. and press enter. Repeat this to reach C: drive. Type “cd hideme” to change to the folder where you have placed your image file.
  4. Type copy /b tohide.jpg + hide.rar dscn_005.jpg and hit enter.
  5. dscn_005.jpg now holds your hidden file.
  6. To access the hidden file, change its extension from .jpg to .rar


  1. If you want to hide some files on your Mac from curious eyes, then there is a solution available. It is called UberMask. It allows to hide/show files with a single keystroke. Available for test here: novamedia.de/en/mac-ubermask.html

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