15 kickass Greasemonkey scripts for Twitter


Twitter is gaining in popularity, but their own website seems to be a sore point. One of the reasons for increasing popularity of third-party Twitter clients is the lack of features in its website.

The community has come up with solutions, as usual. My personal favorite is Greasemonkey scripts, as they are more powerful than bookmarklets and less resource-hungry than extensions. Below is a collection of useful Greasemonkey scripts for Firefox. You must get Firefox and then Greasemonkey addon. And while you’re at it, why not follow me on Twitter?

Greasemonkey scripts for Twitter users

Twitter search results on Google – Google may buy Twitter, but untill then, use this userscript to see real-time search results from Twitter on Google search pages.

Twitter Translate – Adds links for each tweet to translate (using Google Translate).


Rapid Response – Adds a box on Twitter profiles to quickly respond to the user, from within his/her profile.

Jaiku Theme – Restyle Twitter pages using Jaiku’s bubble theme.

Twitter AJAX Reload – Reloads Twitter every two minutes using AJAX (ie. without page reload). A countdown is shown above the last status. If there is any text in the status box, reload is postponed.

Troys Twitter – Adds a bunch of useful features like nested replies, custom search tabs, autocomplete, autopagination, retweet button, URL expansion etc. (see original post). Easily the most powerful userscript in this list.

Google Reader to Twitter – Share Google Reader items on Twitter.

Reverse Tweet Order – Reverses the order of Tweets on a Twitter page.

Twitter Highlight – Highlights tweets referring to you in timeline.

Twitter Textarea Limitless – Removes character counter and blockade when your tweet exceed number of characters.

Last Tweet Preview – Displays your friend’s last tweet when you hover your mouse pointer over his or her image in the Twitter sidebar.

Twitter Emoticons – Brings Yahoo smileys to your tweets.

Twitter Unfollow buttons – Creates buttons under each posting on your home screen to unfollow users on twitter. Reduces the number of clicks to remove a user from follow list.

Twitter Sidebar Replies – Shows replies to a user on the sidebar of that user’s Twitter page

Twitter Friends Bio – See user bio, following & followers count etc.