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VLC Player (short for Videolan Client) is one of the most popular media players. It is free, open-source and cross-platform compatible and plays most formats of video. Perhaps the only drawback is its drab interface skin.

VLC’s official site and numerous enthusiasts are the saving grace, however. VLC has skins to customize the inteface. Below are 8 beautiful VLC skins that could replace the default skin. Note that the below screenshots do no justice to the skins – skins are (relatively) better-looking once installed.

How to install VLC skins

Installing skins on VLC is as easy as placing the skins into VLC skins directory (differs according to OS).

  • On Windows: (usually C:Program FilesVLCskins)
  • On Linux: ~/.share/vlc/skins2

Once the skin is installed, open VLC settings and change interface from native to skins. Then, right click anywhere and go to Interface>Choose Skin to select your skin. VLC needs to be restarted to change to skins mode. Sadly, VLC skins do not work on Mac OS X.


To download these VLC skins, visit the Skins page on the VLC site and search the first few letters of the theme name – they’re all listed in a single page.

List of VLC skins

Below are some of my personal favorites in VLC skins – feel free to suggest your favorites in comments below.

  • Mac-style VLC skin: Crossover Leopard theme
    Crossover VLC skin
    Crossover is a Windows only VLC skin. The interface is well designed and brings a Mac feel to VLC. See our original post about Crossover theme.
  • Askin theme
    Askin VLC
  • Blissta VLC
  • Colibri: Another Mac-style VLC skin
  • HX-Milky theme
  • Neon skin
  • PSPvlc: PSP-style VLC theme
    PSP VLC skin
  • WMP11: Windows Media Player-like theme

Learn to make VLC skins

Bored of the VLC themes available for download online, and feel like exercising your creativity a bit? You can learn to create your own VLC skins. There are two ways to designing and implementing your own VLC themes: one that involves XML coding and graphics (advanced), and a visual WYSIWYG editor that allows you to drag and drop elements to design, and supply the suitable images and graphics (beginner and intermediate).

Visit the VLC skins how to for detailed information on the advanced method.

Alternatively, you can design skins using the visual editor, similar to Dreamweaver for web pages. Read up about the “Skin Editor” page for that.

You can also visit the VLC skins forum to ask doubts, discuss topics and also show off your skin designs.

Made a beautiful VLC skin? Share it with us, and we’ll feature it on this page. Contact us to get started.


  1. HOW TO USE THE SKIN the skins the vlc player
    3.go to “file>open file” and browse your skin and click ok
    4.go to “settings>switch interface>your skin”
    Then your skin will be changed.

  2. As mentioned in this post, visit the downloads page (linked in post) and you can download skins from that page.

  3. @bob: The instructions have been given at the beginning of this article, and direct links to a download is not considered ethical (it is like stealing their bandwidth and not giving them the deserving visitor attention). If you like, you can download all the VLC skins in one go (a 20 MB download) from a link on their page.

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