How to find MAC address (Windows 7 & Vista)


Media Access Control address or MAC address, is a unique ID assigned to network adapters/cards. It is used in MAC protocol. MAC address is also called as Ethernet Hardware Address or adapter address.

This tutorial will help you find the MAC address for your ethernet and wireless cards quickly.

Find MAC address

  1. Open a command prompt (click Start orb > cmd and hit enter).
    Find MAC address on Windows Vista
  2. Type in getmac and you will see a screen as shown below.
    MAC address lookup Vista Windows
    In the details shown in the command prompt, the number listed under Physical Address, next to \Device\Tcipip_…. is your MAC address.

If you find more than one MAC address, see the detailed method below to lookup MAC address for specific devices (like ethernet or wireless network).

Detailed lookup of MAC address

  1. Open a command prompt again.
  2. Type in ipconfig /all and hit enter.
    Detailed lookup of MAC on Vista
  3. Several details will be listed below – you should first locate the device for which you need MAC address. Devices like ethernet LAN, wireless LAN, Bluetooth adapter are shown. For example, if you need MAC address of Wireless LAN, you should take the number next to physical address under Wireless LAN adapter.


  1. hi.. the MAC adress i got for wireless adapter through ipconfig command in vista is not getting accepted by DSL router for MAC filter.. can any one help me..

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