How to open .uif files free (Windows/Mac)


UIF, or Universal Image Format, is an image format for backing up to CD/DVD. Its advantages are that it supports compression, encryption and password protection to keep your data safe.

Open UIF file with Magic ISO.UIF format is getting popular, especially on BitTorrent downloads. There are two ways to open contents of a .UIF file: the first method uses a trial copy of MagicISO, which has certain restrictions – it can only open UIF files upto 300MB, and the software itself is trial and expires after a few days.

The second method uses UIF to ISO converter, a free tool to convert the UIF file to ISO, which you can then burn to a DVD or extract the contents to separate files.

#1: Open with MagicISO (for small files)

Download MagicISO. After installing MagicISO, open it, click File > Open and select the UIF file. Once the file is loaded, select ‘Extract’ option by right clicking the UIF file. When you are asked for the location to extract the file, enter your preferred location and click OK.


#2: UIF2ISO converter

This method is slightly more complex, so use it only if you need to extract files larger than 300MB (which cannot be opened by the trial version of MagicISO).

For Windows:

  1. Download UIF2ISO converter. Extract the downloaded zip file to get a folder of the same name.
  2. Double-click the file named uif2iso (with a label “application”, having an icon).
  3. In the window that comes up, locate the .uif file you want to extract and click “Open”.
  4. In the window that comes up, choose a name and click “Save”.
  5. A confirmation window will come up – hit enter to finish the process.
  6. The converted .iso file will be in the same location as the original .uif file.
  7. Download and install IZArc.
  8. Open Computer and navigate to where you saved the .iso file (which is where you saved the original .uif file also).
  9. Right-click the file and click IZArc > Extract to .\ where stands for your file.
  10. You will now have the files extracted into a folder of the same name as the .iso file, in the same location.
  11. Instead of extracting files, if you need to burn a disc from the files, download and install ImgBurn (freeware). Open ImgBurn and burn the ISO file to a disc to get a disc with all the contents of the original .UIF file.

For Mac OS X:

Download and use the uif2iso4mac freeware UIF extractor. It is a GUI app, which means you point and click like any normal Mac app – no messing with the command line.

It is based on a command line tool (UIF2ISO) of the same name.


  1. 7zip Rocks !! 1000 thanks – well at leas I can see that the files are extracting…good wind

  2. cheers mate worked miracles been tryin to figure this out for days now thanks again
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  3. thanks for help i can`t extracts uif image file but with help of your software I had extracted uif image file.


  4. hello i am from sikkim and i am unsatisfied with the steps provided above bcoz i have downloaded a torrent file which contain video and exercise file too which was in .uif format and when i tried to extract those contents with the process provided by this site half a way i converted .uif to iso file it all went good but when i try to extract the iso file with the help of IZArc it shows or open me with the folder but its empty .i didn’t see any content inside that folder what is it? do i have to install any software to get the extracted content available.

  5. very very good work

    it is explained in such a beautiful and simple manner that even a computer beginner may understand

  6. To unpack an .iso file after conversion from .uif, you can just use 7-zip or WinRAR.You don’t need iZArc. .iso files can be easily extracted through this method.

  7. Thanks man. I had hard time trying to open .uif file using nero. Glad you wrote this article.


  8. None that I know of, but thanks for letting me know, I can refer someone with similar problems to IZArc now :)

  9. Congratulations for the post, its very easy anda work well….thanks 😉

  10. thanks!!!
    but im curious…I converted the .UIF to ISO fine, but i wasnt able to extract the ISO with my normal ISO extraction programs (PeaZIP or ExtractNOW)…it only worked with the IZArc you mentioned…any reason?
    thanks again!!

  11. Flippin brilliant…..
    after I’ve struggled for hours with various software, this little ‘UIF2ISO’ program did it in seconds. Who needs the ripoff software venders. Well Done Techzilo

  12. Thanks loads for this – the Izarc method didn’t work ( I kept geting an ‘unsupported file type’ message) but gburner was really easy

  13. i have downloaded a uif file that contains e-books that are related to my field which is electrical engineering. i followed your steps here and now, i can use the books. you really are a great help. thanks a lot.

  14. Following is the steps to open uif files,
    1. Run gBurner.
    2. click “file”->”open”
    3. Choose gbi file.
    4. Click open button.
    5. Click “burn” to burn the file to a CD/DVD disc.
    6. Or Click “extract” to extract the uif file.

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