Download TechSmith Snagit free (with license)


TechSmith SnagIt is one of the best (paid) screencasting apps for Windows. It has all the regular screen capture options, and a built-in editor with which you can add captions, watermark, crop and resize images.

I grabbed a copy of Snagit 7 in 2007 when its makers, TechSmith offered it for free when Snagit 8 was launched. Now, version 9 has been launched, and TechSmith is giving away TechSmith 7.2.5 for free again. As I write this, I am downloading it, and will have screenshots up in a few minutes.

Download SnagIt 7.2.5 Free

Here are the instructions to get a copy of Snagit for free:

Download Snagit free screen capture software from TechSmith website.


Once you have downloaded your free copy of Snagit, run it (snagit.exe). After installation, run it. It will ask you for a serial number for the first time: click Unlock and enter your name.

For the free SnagIt license key, try this: CU9XM-T8G78-XJQXA-MSZMA-P9E43
If it does not work, get a free key from TechSmith website via email.

Once you enter the serial key, it will show a confirmation of registration.


  1. Ops! Never mind! apparently someone already has! Thanks to noname!

    its 6AVWY-KSML7-7C63M-AY5SC-4E2F3 by the way.

  2. it seems like lost of people are asking, but i would also like it.
    May we PLEASE have the key for SnagIt 10?

    I’ve already downloaded it a few months ago and have finally got off my lazy bum and looked of a key. But all I see are keys for SnagIt 7. :\ I would very much appreciate it if one of you would post a key for SnagIt 10.
    Thanks ~ Echo

  3. Hey, can I have a key for Snagit 10? I really need it. Thanks. You can email it.

  4. plis i need the key i need 2 work, in my ofice i dont have snagit plis sombe body help meeee

  5. Snagit Editor Question

    I have copied a map which I am going to fill in the borders with a different colour (using fill) each day, but I have text over the area I am filling with colour and so the ‘Fill’ does not work under the text and looks patchy.

    Can you help please

  6. Also, are you able to provide me with a product for CamtasiaStudio-7, and a (fully-free) promo-code for JingPro?

  7. Glad it worked. Better to not update, as it might get you the latest version and ask you for a new license key or ask you to upgrade, neither of which you want.

  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH, after I unlocked it. it asked me if I wanted to check for updates, is it ok if i do that? are they gonna ask for another key or something please tell me. and again I owe you 40 bucks 😛

  9. This is simply GREAT!!! I know a couple of people who use SnagIt, but I could not afford it. The license key that you have provided works. Thanks.

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