Install Skype offline (full setup file download links)


Software installers which download data from servers to complete installation are an irritating trend. Unfortunately, it is widespread now, and unless you search for full offline installers long and hard, you are unlikely to get them. Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Google Chrome (I noticed it when reviewing Google Chrome) etc. are some of the programs which require you to be online while installing the program.

They typically have an installer file under 1 MB, which then download files to complete installation. While this might not be a problem for broadband users, dialup users and others with poor connectivity would benefit from an offline installer that you could get from a nearby web browsing center (in your USB drive, for example).

Such offline packages are provided by companies so that they can track the number of downloads, among other things. Some download sites like CNET’s provides all software as such downloader+online download combo so that they can slip in additional software, show ads and more.

Even if you have a fast internet connection, the extra software bloat installed, and ads itself should be reason enough for you to start using offline setup files for all your software needs.


Skype standalone installer

Skype has a standalone installer (which works even if you are offline).

Download Skype offline installer and double click it to begin setup. You will be prompted with a UAC warning, click Accept.

The next few steps would involve simply clicking ‘Next’ a few times – there is nothing to tweak (unless you want to install your programs in a partition other than C:\).

In the second step, make sure you leave the checkbox empty for “Yes, I want to install Browser Highlighter”. You would not even find it interesting unless you’re a power user.

Skype offline installer file

Skype should now be installed and ready to use thanks to our standalone installer. This was tested on a Windows Vista system, although It should work on Windows XP and Windows 7 too – leave a comment if you find any problems while using the offline installer. Using this also allows you to install Skype on multiple computers without having to download the online Skype setup file multiple times – saving bandwidth.

This link above will always point to the latest full setup file that does not require internet connection to install, so you can pass this link to your friends etc.


  1. I was looking everywhere for an answer to my question about the stand alone installer for Skype and found the answer on your site. Thank you very much.

  2. Skype downloaded OK and the icon appeared on my desktop. But I don’t hear anything and the other person can’t hear me. I went all through the Skype recommendations for audio (microphone and speakers) too. They say everything checks out. What could be the problem? BTW, I used Skype happily for years with Windows ME and XP on my older computers, but now I’m running Windows 7 on a new computer. I also tried updating the Windows firewall and temporarily disabling Norton 360, but those actions didn’t help. This is driving me batty.

  3. Thanks for this very helpful link… pesky Skype site keeps re-directing me to the Chinese version of Skype (TomTom) which is all in Chinese of course…. arghhh

  4. I am having problems with Skype 5.3 after upgrading and could not be used on
    my Windows 7 , 64 bits computer. Please advise and thank you.

  5. I have tried to download Skype (full download and installer) from several different sites. (cnet, majorgeeks,skype and here) on two different computer with different os (win xp and win 7) with two different browers (IE and Firefox)…I get to within 1 or 2 seconds and the download stops. Any ideas?

  6. Why dont they provide a full download link.
    I just find it foolish, you have to download the whole thing any way!!
    We have way better softwares installed for downloading files, than that foolish exe.

  7. Eu sempre costumo procurar instaladores ofline! Gostei muito desse! Sempre me ajuda com amigos de internet discada!

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