How to download Facebook photos / albums


Many users have taken to using Facebook albums to share a few photos to their friends. Downloading those images individually can get pretty boring.

FacePAD is a Firefox extension to download entire Facebook albums with one click. Since the addon runs on Firefox, you can download albums on Windows, Mac OS X or Linux.

Download FacePAD addon

If you do not use Firefox already, get it (it is free and has lots of cool functionality by installing addons, like, FacePAD).

Visit the Firefox addons page for FacePAD and install it.


How to download Facebook albums and photos

Then, visit any Facebook user’s Photos page, then right-click the image or image to the album and click “Download album with FacePAD”.
Download Facebook albums photos directly


  1. I have not been able to download photos from my Facebook pages to my pc. Please give instructions. Thank you.

  2. There is a website that lets you download albums and photos from facebook. It’s totally free and doesn’t require installation:

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