Disable “View only webpage content delivered securely” security warning (Internet Explorer)


Although they are implemented for safety purposes, many security warnings end up being more of a sore thumb to the user than benefit them in any way. For example, Internet Explorer often shows dialog box with a security warning shown below:

Internet Explorer how to disable view only the webpage content delivered securely warning

“Do you want to view only the webpage content that was delivered securely?”
This webpage contains content that will not delivered using a secure HTTPS connection, which could compromise the security of the entire webpage.

This particular dialog box contains three choices “More Info” to open a help window , yes to block non-secure content and no to display mixed content.


The technical reason for showing such a warning is that on a page with a mix of secure and non-secure content (HTTP and HTTPS), non-secure web scripts may be able to access secure information.

If you do not visit shady sites (read porn/warez/hacking/otherwise illegal), then you may want to disable “Do You Want To View Only the Webpage Content that Was Delivered Securely?” security warning / dialog box.

Turn off /disable “Only webpage content delivered securely?” security warning

Here are the steps to turn off this pesky warning box:

  • Launch Internet Explorer.
  • Go to Tools -> Internet Options.
  • Then, navigate to Security tab.
  • Select Internet zone (default selection).
  • Click on “Custom level” button below the “Security level for this zone” section.
  • Click the Enabled radio button for “Display mixed content, under Miscellaneous section.


  1. As of 10/26/2011 – I noticed that this issue has returned after there were some recent security updates to IE. The options are still selected and the usual of adding *.site to the list.

    Any suggestions?

  2. Thanks for the easy steps. I agree with the others … this message is a pain. One of those things that you start to block out even though it could mean something bad, just because it happens so much. Like people and their friggin car alarms. This is the car alarm of Internet Explorer. :)

  3. Thank you! That message was a TERRIBLE inconvenience. I must’ve answered “show all content” at least 100 times a day. It was a PAIN. I tired everything I could think of. You made it quick, easy, and simple!! THANKS!!

  4. Right, I got Windows 7 with the update, I have Window Internet with the update, click on help? LOL, we don’t have information on this Version of Windows…..Thanks Bill, I did miss the blue screen, you chosen to get me a reference that does the loop de loop….giggle…

  5. You have removed one of the minor irritations from my life….. 999999 to go.

  6. this did not work the first time I tried it, I was working on a site in my “trusted sites” section, but did work when I applied it to “internet” – ie all sites

    Carl – does that help?

  7. It is a nice suggestion. Too bad it doesn’t work. I have set this setting to “Enable” and I still get the stupid “only Secure content is displayed”. Worse on the site I am trying to place an order on even when I click on the “Show All content” option it reverts back to the site home page and then by the time I get back to the order page the stupid message is there again making it impossible for me to order and select the wharehouse that I want the order shipped from among other things…

  8. Display mixed content was exactly what I was looking for to get rid of that message. THANK YOU!!!

  9. Hey,
    Thanks for that. But the problem is that this dialogue box appears for my Facebook page. Therefor everything is jumbled. Any soloutions?

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I can’t tell you how ANNOYING this message is!!! Solution was there, but I didn’t feel like digging around the options to hunt down where the setting was. worked great in IE9 Beta.

  11. THANK YOU – thank you – THANK you – thank YOU – ThAnK yOu! How many different ways can I say it. This stupid message has been driving me crazy for months! I appreciate your website; the computer tech I called said that he would need to see my computer to figure out where the problem was hiding. You saved me money and I am so greatful because I don’t have the extra to be spending right now.

    Again, I can’t say thank you enough. Have a blessed day and God bless you and yours!

  12. Thanks so much! I’ve been dealing with that annoyance for months and now only decided to google it.

  13. Thanks for showing the steps to turn off this warning box. It’s useful for me for the warning box is sometimes really pesky.

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