Convert WMA to MP3 audio (Mac OS X)


Update: The conversion tool used for this tutorial was recently updated, so this guide now works fine for Mac OS 10.4 Tiger, 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard and 10.7 Mountain Lion.

Windows users who have switched to Mac often need to convert their WMA files (as it cannot be used in an iPod or played on iTunes on the Mac easily). There are many paid software to convert WMA files to MP3 (like Switch Pro and Easy WMA), while the precious few free and excellent WMA – MP3 converters are not written about or promoted.

In this tutorial, we will use only a free software, called All2MP3, to convert WMA files to MP3. It works on Mac OS X 10.3 and above. We have already used All2MP3 in our tutorial on converting .flac to .mp3 – it converts most common audio formats like FLAC, OGG, .wma, WAV and AIFF to MP3.

All2MP3 – Freeware for conversion

Follow the steps below to convert WMA files to MP3 using an easy drag-drop software called All2MP3.


Download All 2 MP3

Download All2MP3.

Install All 2 MP3

Double-click the All 2 MP3 zip file to get a .mpkg installer file. Unlike many other applications, you cannot just drag-drop the app to Applications folder to install it.

Double click it to begin the installation. You will have to click continue a couple of times, then click “Agree”.

Then click “Install” and enter your Mac OS X login password. Once setup is done, you will be presented with a confirmation.

.wma to .mp3 conversion

Double click the All 2 MP3 icon from Applications to start it. Drag and drop your WMA files (it can convert multiple files at once) to the All 2 MP3 window.

Settings for .wma conversion

Choose bit rate for your song – depending on the quality you require (indicated as high/medium/low), and also the original file bit rate. If your original file is, say, 256 Kbps, do not select a higher bit rate than that.

.wma to .mp3 conversion software all 2 mp3

Hit All2MP3 button to begin the conversion. Once conversion is done, a confirmation will be shown. The converted .mp3 files will be in the same location as the original .wma files.

What is .wma ?

Windows Media Audio, commonly called WMA, is a proprietary audio compression format by Microsoft. WMA consists of four codecs: WMA codec, and variants like WMA Pro, WMA Lossless (similar to FLAC).

Although WMA files can be played on Mac OS X using plugins for Quicktime, it is often a hassle, and even part-time OS X users should consider converting them to a better-supported format like MP3. For conversion, there are paid tools like Switch Pro and EasyWMA, but we figured, most users would be looking for free tools. Hence, the need for this tutorial.


  1. Doesn’t read .wma files which makes your whole article pointless.

    If you try to do a batch convert it says that it can’t read .wma files & if you try to do a single file conversion it just hangs.

    Thanks for trying though.

  2. After downloading All2MP3 and dragging WMA files from my external hard drive into the All2MP3 box, pressing the “convert” button, I am unable to locate the new file. I would like to store the converted file into my iTunes. Where is the converted file located?
    P.S. I am a new Mac user. Purchased a Macbook Pro 2011.

  3. After downloading All2MP3 and dragging WMA files from my external hard drive into the All2MP3 box, pressing the “convert” button, I am unable to locate the new file. I would like to store the converted file into my iTunes. Where is the converted file located?


    P.S. I am a new Mac user. Purchased a Macbook Pro 2011.

  4. this is brilliant, Just what I need. Mp3 is the only audio output I need other than AAC from iTunes.

    For windows users, use this program:
    It downloads videos from millions of video sites like Youtube and automatically converts to the output you choose. It also is a converter for already downloaded content which can convert to almost any format out there that you could possibly want.
    You can convert AAC, FLA and SWF to what ever you want but you cannot convert to those formats, but that is basically the only 3 that is not offered but it is amazing for open source.

    Another feature that some may benefit from is that it has a screen recorder. I have not used it myself but it is worth a try.

    For everybody, regardless of the os(except iOS and I think Android as well) here is a website in which you can download almost anything from any website (including online flash games for offline use) :

    It is very useful if you want a youtube video just in MP4, as when you enter a youtube video Url, and limit the search to video, normally you will see 2 fla files and 1 mp4 file.

    I hope these little tips help people out, and I sure hope that people here make a tutorial like this one about these programs(unless it is just Mac stuff)

  5. What size files will this handle? We record sessions of about 45 minutes. Will this convert files that long? I tried dragging a file in and it never completed the conversion.

  6. Truly fantastic, speedy and swift, does seem to auto download/install and just opens up a drop box as soon as you select it… too good to be true says my cynical heart… but its true and it works… THANKS SO MUCH.. my lost library is saved!

    One happy Tech-idiot…


  7. On 10.6 it was as easy as dropping the WMA into the applet window and clicking convert. It made a comment that it may not be fully compatible with all WMA files but had no problem with mine. It did 15 tracks with basically one click. Awesome!

  8. The software is amazing, the first shock I had when I changed to Mac was that I could not listen my music. It was as easy as download and start using it if you have version 10.6.

  9. After hours and hours (let the truth be known it has been weeks) playing with the likes of M Player OX 2, Max-0.92.1, etc.
    Finally a program that is easy and works!

    Thank You

  10. Thanks for this information. Worked pretty well for me, although it appears the audio quality is slightly diminished. I would expect this in between conversions though. Thanks again!

  11. Yeah, mine’s complaining about incompatibility too… also, it seems to be stuck on one file.

  12. Although I want to like All2mp3, mostly because of the name but also the drag-n-drop interface, I’ve never had much success. Early versions turned my AIFFs into files of hiss. Later versions included a copy of LAME to ensure this didn’t happen.
    Recently I tried it to convert WMA to mp3. The first one complained that it didn’t understand all Windows Media formats- probably a codec problem.
    The next two I tried just hung all2mp3.

  13. This is an awesome tool. However the updated version looks totally different then this and the steps are wayyyy simpler. Thanks a million!!!!

  14. Wow totally works! really fast! i had a voice recording of my grandma and the device i recorded it on automatically imported it as a .WMA and wouldn’t open in iTunes. Thankfully i found this and it was way better than i expected lol definitely worth doing!

  15. Thanks, It works just fine! great quality and really fast. Darren is right. it doesnt look like the instruction pics, but it installs right away and works right away. Thank you so much for making this software available. You are awesome.

  16. Just downloaded this app. The zip file downloaded and opened, but with no .pkg – just the application, which opens just fine. Doesn’t look the same as the screen-shots, and using the drag and drop feature always results in an error message (something about corrupt files), but adding them the long way seems to work fine. New version, compatibility issues, just glitchy? Still happy…

  17. The tool is very helpful – straight forward and simple. All you do is drag your .wma files to a window and they’re conerted to .mp3 in seconds.

  18. @Esther and everyone else
    This tutorial was written some time ago using Leopard 10.5, so the screenshots are dated. But as you can see from numerous comments, it works on Snow Leopard just as well. One of these days I’ll get off my lazy back and update the screenshots :)

  19. Really easy to use!!
    My only comment is that the installation looks really different with Snow Leopard, and also the layout of the program is different from the images above. Nevertheless I managed to figure everything out. Thanks very much!

  20. @Lori: I’ll have a tip on extracting audio as .mp3 from YouTube videos soon, stay tuned.

  21. I just got a Mac (have used a Windows PC my whole life) so lots to learn. Trying to figure out if All2mp3 is good for converting YouTube videos to mp3 format, because I can’t figure it out.


  22. Hi. This is working quite well. Only complaint is that the progress bar doesn’t seem to show progress-but it is working.

  23. Excellent tool – “does what it says on the tin”. The screen prints in this tutorial are out of date, but that’s a tiny issue really, considering this is a free tool. Thanks!

  24. Thanks for the tutorial. Just the information i needed after downloading the EasyWMA demo which only gave me converted mp3 files but only for the first 15secs. Going to try it out.

  25. Worked great for me! Mac PowerPC G5, OS 10.5.8. There is an update to the initial download and the screens have changed, but still … Thanks a lot

  26. you have to Update it to make it Work…!

    But some of the files that converts are only 4k mp3… empty MP3s

    but it convert some perfect!

  27. Downloaded a couple of times, it says should be updated but then there is an error. The interface looks grey, nothing like in the screenshots. And it does not work as a message says ‘the application lame has quit unexpectedly’.

  28. Yes, same problem here. When i try running the application, nothing happens. Wish it worked.


  29. Amazing software, very easy to use. I immediately downloaded the update and had none of the above mentioned problems! Just make sure the files you are trying to convert are not on a burnt CD, otherwise the software doesn’t know which folder to put the converted files into.

  30. Any idea how to determine the bitrate of a .wma file so that I can know what bitrate to set on All2MP3?

  31. I installed it fine but the layout was different and I was never asked for my installation password.
    When I came to use it to convert .wma to .mp3 it “tried” to do something but nothing happened. No files were converted and it said that there was a problem with Lame and did I want to report it to Apple.
    I’m using MacOS 10.4.8

  32. I get the same problem that others are reporting. The zip file downloads okay, but when I double click on it, it opens to show the app and the license file. I have lame installed (for Audacity). Yet when I double click on the app, it acts like it’s going to start up, but then nothing happens. I’m running MAC OS X 10.4.11. What am I doing wrong?

  33. ok now i have a new problem i downloaded lame library mp3 codec and now when i imported the converted songs to itunes for some reason its only 4 kb and 0:00 long

  34. i have the same problem as Laura, i unzipped the file copied it to applications opened it, but when i wanted to convert a file i get an error report saying ” the application lame quit unexpectedly” and it doesnt convert anything at all.. :s

  35. Dave may be running Mac OS 10.4.11, because his problem sounds similar to mine.

    After unzipping the downloaded file, all that appears in the folder is the app and the license. When the app is double-clicked it acts like it is going to open but nothing happens. There is not even a .mpkg file in the folder.

    Does this not work with OS 10.4? Can you offer a suggestion?

    I do know that the logo in your screenshots looks nothing like the logo for the app I have downloaded, is the documentation out of date?

  36. Each step has been carefully tested and screenshots are also provided, I’m pretty sure you’re doing something wrong. Did you get the .pkg file and double-click on it?
    If you are using Mac OS 10.5.7, there might be some troubles (according to some other users), I personally tested the app and conversion while I was on 10.5.5.

  37. i downloaded the all2mp3 file and decompressed it on my desktop. i tried to open it but nothing happened. what am i doing wrong?

  38. If you’re desperate, you may want to try the full-functional trial versions that any paid WMA to MP3 apps offer. Should do the job for immediate requirements.

  39. I have OSX 10.5.6, but All2MP3 is on version 2.025 now… I really do think it might be an issue with the app…

  40. I’ve edited your name in the previous comment. As for the application having problems, did you copy the actual app file (and not the .dmg or any files within the .dmg) into the Applications folder? Also, if you have updated to Mac OS X 10.5.7, there may be compatibility issues; I used this app on Mac OS 10.5.5.

  41. PLEASE don’t post my previous comment (or this one), $%*&$^%(*^ mac and its auto-fill. So handy, so bad for revealing my full on the internet. If you can change my name, it would be ok to post with just “Laura”.

  42. Unfortunately I’m getting the same thing. I copied the program file into Applications, and it opened ok, But I get an error saying the application needs to close when I try to convert files. The application doesn’t actually close however, it just doesn’t convert any files. Maybe they need to work out a few bugs in the new version??

  43. @Amanda: Perhaps your download failed? If the application attempts to launch and then shows the error, can you tell me what it shows?

  44. I downloaded the All2MP3 file, and I only found a zip. So i unzipped it, and then there was the license and application, but the application wouldn’t open because it said there was a problem. Maybe things have changed since you wrote this tutorial? Or maybe I’m just dumb… =/

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