Ban peers / IP addresses in uTorrent


Excessive leeching by peers is one of the biggest problems when using BitTorrent. One more thing to look out for is selfish and cheating BitTorrent clients like BitComet which limits uploads severely, and BitThief, which does not upload anything. Both of these problems can be solved by blocking offensive peers.

Note that this blocking is effective for the IP address, which means that blocking a peer in one torrent will block it out from everything else. IP address blocking should not be misused because it can hurt the torrent health, and ultimately lead to slower or dead torrents if used improperly.

In this tutorial, we describe how to block IP addresses in uTorrent, one of the most popular BitTorrent clients.

Blocking peers with an IP ban

uTorrent BitTorrent clientIn uTorrent, blocking clients can be done by following these steps:

  • Go to Options > Preferences (or hit Ctrl+P), go to Advanced tab and scroll down to ipfilter.enable, click on it and set it to true. Click OK to exit preferences window.
  • Find and click once the torrent, and click the Peers tab. Right-click anywhere inside the Peers tab and uncheck “Resolve IPs”. So, all peers will be listed by their IP address alone, which is what we need.
  • Open a Notepad window and manually type in any IP address that you wish to block.
  • Save the Notepad window (with the IP addresses) as “ipfilter.dat” (including the quotes). The location for saving the file should be C:Documents and SettingsUSERNAMEApplication DatauTorrent, where USERNAME is the user name of your system account. If you have installed Windows in a different drive, change C: accordingly.
  • Go back to uTorrent, click the any torrent, go to the Peers tab, right-click and click “Reload IP filter”.

If you need to block more IP addresses later, open ipfilter.dat, add the IP addresses, save the file, then go to uTorrent, click any torrent, go to its Peers tab, right click and click “Reload IP filter”.

If you do not want the hassle of going through all these steps, you could use an alternative client that provides easy IP blocking, but that means you would not be able to use uTorrent 😉


  1. I dont ask for 1:1 seeding, I sit on a T1 line and dont have any problem with bandwidth. But if somebody leeches 500MB from me without ANY upload – its nice to block them.

    Perhaps I should look into some other torrent program, allthough with private trackers theres no problem with leechers.

  2. People using dongles aren’t going to seed much, because every 100mb seeded equals a quid into the ether.

    Right click start menu and paste this – %AppData%\uTorrent

  3. Same thing for me, I came here to find out how to block Israeli IP’s. Boycott Israel!

  4. I had to comment on this one. To the guy that said he was going to block ppl based on the ratio of how fast you download vs upload at the same time on a torrent, your an idoit. I dont upload at all while I’m dling the torrent. When the torrent is finished, then I upload 2 to 3 times more than I downloaded. I give more than I take. But according to his logic I would be blocked. Doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean, I can only upload at a rate of 125 kb/s, so I should slow my DL speeds down to 125kb/s and take forever to finish the DL? ya right, ignorant logic. Probably shouldnt even call it logic. But hey, your free to do what you want to do, so go be an idiot. We are all thieves anyway. Therefore we are all idiots.

  5. Torrenting is a community. Give what you take. It is common practice. After all, without the giving part of the give and take, there would be no torrents. So you people who just leech are pathetic. Sure, go ahead and take, but keep torrents alive by giving also, you dips.

  6. I like how everyone has this Robin Hood feeling when it comes to torrents. Remember that your stealing in the first place. You feel betrayed if you share something you stole but someone else can’t replicate what you what you have? You only want to share with other people who steal and share with you the same like a gang. Just remember your stealing and getting shit for free….

  7. Good for you! I came here looking to block Israel for the same reason. I hate that leech of a country.

  8. I am a member of a private tracker , so keeping up a good ratio is important . My upload connection is only 80kbs, so I upload 3/4 new torrents every week. I enjoy this and the positive feedback. However there are always a few who technically abide the rules but contribute nothing and don’t even show common courtesy.
    In my case, its one user for some reason whenever he connects to me he takes up 90% of my bandwidth and roughly the same proportion of the data from the leechers who I rely on for my ratio. I used the technique explained above and it worked, but only temporally. The user alter is IP address to something that did not even resemble one. I went through the whole process again with another txt file, however this time it was rejected by utorrent roaming as an invalid file.
    Have you any suggestions as how to resolve this issue. I have tried to communicate with this user in an attempt to resolve the issue, without success.

  9. Works like a charm in Windows Vista !!

    Link to save the file is C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\uTorrent\

    Thanks again.

  10. Personally I think you are all really really tragic souls for going to all the effort to actually ban people because they take a larger ratio then what they give back. Tragic. I actually don’t give a shit who takes what, i get what i need and get on with it and leave everyone else to get on with their stuff. its such a geeky thing to think “ohh i’m really going to screw this person for taking and not giving – hahahaha” GROW UP, get over you obvious technical ‘genius’ and don’t worry about what other people are doing because honestly it is just a waste of your time, and if your someone who wants to take the time to look through the list of people downloading from you, you need to seriously GET. A. LIFE.

  11. Thx for this tip, i wanted a friend, who didn’t get enough seeds, to download a game, and he downloaded it off of me, cuz my upload is around 400kB-500kB, it really helped me, cuz i had about 200 peers on my list, and 2 were hogging all the connection, but a i banned everyone for about a day for my friend, thx = )

  12. I did it and it doesn’t work I am using 1.8.2 version of utorrent and I still have a leecher who is not willing to share what I am seeding. That makes for unfair sharing, even if it is just TV movies.

  13. Food for thought said: “there are also folks like me who only get to down a fraction of what the rest of the world does and cannot even technically/willing do the “right thing” by the community.”

    So what? You think that’s my problem? It’s your issue, you go and deal with it. Lobby your local MP to change the laws of your land. Your country is else going to be left behind.

    Give and take – that’s the underlying principal of bit torrent.. – if that means you have to reduce your download to 15k then so be it. If I came across someone like you – it’s instant ban – I’m not in the business of being a charity.


  14. Just wanted to add a little comment regarding the anti leacher posts. I live in Aust and unfortunatley my ISP maintains a literal monopoly on what internet connection I can have ie. I have no choice its bigpond or NOTHING. They charge me 2-3 times as much as any other ISP and give me a fraction of what any other ISP offers, additionly they count all uploads against my 12gig per month limit… 12 gig per month… and they count the uploads… additionly my connection is via cable which allows me to get a realised downspeed of up to 400k per sec on a really really good day with a LOT of seeds and pears however my upload is limited by the ISP to literally 15k per second. If I allow utorrent to use all 15k of my upload potential my internet connection becomes effectively useless as my computer can no longer respond with acks to the incoming syn packets I receive… so in short while there are folks who are abhorent in the their leaching care for no one else ways there are also folks like me who only get to down a fraction of what the rest of the world does and cannot even technically/willing do the “right thing” by the community. BTW I pay around $95 aud per month for my connection pretty sweet huh…

  15. thanks for that
    using ‘kick and ban’ in vuze is obviously simpler
    i have used that to ban every peer i encounter from israel
    i do not want to share with anyone who supports an apartheid regime which is murdering palestinian children
    your method requires me to first see the country flags and then note the ip addresses so that when i turn off ‘resolve IPs’ i know which ones are from israel. the good thing is that these addresses are banned forever from all torrents.

  16. Pressing “reset ban” works anyhow to download faster my file?

    What about pressing “Clear peer list”?


  17. I agree with some of what you say – but isn’t feature lock typical of many other non-open source software? And any way, we have alternatives (like Deluge on Windows/Linux and Transmission on OS X).

  18. They ignore requests for useful (anticheating) features and lock (usually belittling) questions. It’s bad enough the mysterious change of ownership around version 1.6. Why do lazy utorrent devs refuse to add a block client context menu option (right click menu in peer tab)? Why to rude utorrent devs refuse to add undesirable client (BitComet) blocking features?


    Your tutorial does not show how to block IPAs *in* utorrent… it shows how to block DESPITE utorrent devs

  19. yup, this is a very useful guide. I had forgot (duh, i have a pc science degree after all…but in programming) that all you needed as the IP & then name the file with .dat for use in uTor. Now if the average user would ALSO learn how HOSTS files work, then the Pc world would be a much, much safer place!

  20. thanks a lot mate !!! … simple and sensible !!! …

    i wud just like to add one more thing :

    if already the ipfilter.dat exists , then just open that file with notepad and enter ur un-desired ip address in a new line .. and save again ! …

  21. I’m currently working on a script to compare the upload rate to the download rate of peers, and output the resulting IPs based on the ratio determined by the user. Script will be able to enable “ipfilter.enable”, and append resulting IPs to ipfilter.dat. End result will be for users to start blocking leechers. And by leechers I mean users who download (for example) at 500kb/s and upload at .5kb/s. I know the usual complaints… “It will kill swarms”. No it will not. If you’re sharing at a reasonable rate (based on your download rate) you will have nothing to worry about. If you’re one of the ones that take and take and take, while giving nothing back (like it hurts you somehow) then you’re going to get a taste of your own medicine. Search your favorite torrent sites for “leech killer”.

  22. thanks for this , Im having problems with peer guardian & its probably better to block with the app that is doing the transfers anyway

  23. Thank you for your knowledge, I have been annoyed by some peers for a long time. This help me so much.

    Again, Thank you

  24. I had tried uTorrent once…
    but left it as it was sooo slow

    have some tips or tutorials to actually use it efficiently?

  25. Never came across such a situation, but anyways, thanks a lot for sharing the tip.

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