Appear offline / invisible in Google Talk


Invisible/offline mode in Google Talk Google Talk is one of the leanest IM clients, and with most people having either Talk or GMail open in their browsers, your best friend is probably a chat away.

Google Talk does miss some common features – perhaps the biggest of them being a lack of invisibility mode. Invisibility mode, or offline mode, is common to many other instant messenger clients, and allows you to stay online and chat with your friends without being visible to them. This is very helpful if you are busy or would generally not like a hundred friends bombarding you with IM messages.

Google Talk Labs brings offline mode

How to get invisible offline mode in Google Talk Google Talk Labs edition, a little-known experimental Google Talk software, has an updated interface, tabbed chatting and a few other features, most important of which is invisible mode. Although Google may claim that Labs software is experimental and not fit for general use, I have not had any problems after using it for months.

Download Google Talk Labs, install it and use it. Whenever you want to go invisible, change the status to invisible (like the picture to the right).